BROOKFIELD, Wis. – ProShip is excited to announce the 4th annual ProS Who Know Virtual Event. This educational and exciting event on October 24-25, 2023, will bring together industry leaders and top parcel shipping experts to discuss an array of trending and noteworthy topics that contribute to successful parcel shipping strategies. The event will include 5 captivating sessions covering an array of critical topics such as this year's GRIs, carrier risk ratings, the do's and don'ts for 3PL partnerships, shipping cost management, SMB shipping scalability, and much more. Each webinar will feature a live discussion and Q&A time with supply chain experts and consultants from Körber Supply Chain, Saddle Creek Logistics,, FabFitFun, Waytek Wire, Cubiscan, Logistics Remix, Asendia, FlavorCloud and ProShip.

Scheduled sessions include:

· [Expert Panel] What is Going On? What It Really Takes to Thrive in Parcel Pandemonium: Join logistics experts in this ProS Who Know session to address current supply chain challenges and opportunities. They’ll discuss the impact of GRIs and surcharges, share strategies for a successful peak season, and highlight the importance of data-driven decision-making for resilient shipping operations.

· [Insider Master Class] The Diverse Carrier Landscape and How to Navigate It Like a Pro: This ProS Who Know session is perfect for supply chain professionals seeking to optimize their carrier mix. Hear from carrier industry leaders, gain insights into risk assessment, and discover carrier features to expand your customer base both domestically and internationally.

· [Waytek Wire, Cubiscan & Varsity Logistics] How to Tackle Unexpected Shipping Costs Due to Box Size Variance: At this ProS Who Know session, discover why surprise parcel shipping chargebacks occur, hear from a customer who solved this issue, and explore solutions like automated dimension capturing tech and multi-carrier shipping software for IBM-based systems.

· [SMB & Mid-Sized Business] How You Can Stay in the Running with the Top Dogs by Utilizing Shipping Software Built to Scale: In the competitive world of logistics and parcel shipping, small and mid-sized businesses often face challenges when competing with industry giants. To thrive in this landscape, they need the right tools and strategies. Join this ProS Who Know session to explore current challenges for SMBs, must-have shipping features, and how to quickly implement shipping software to level the playing field against larger competitors.

· [ and ProShip] The Future of Third-Party Logistics: Next-Level Growth Strategies: Join our case-based ProS Who Know session to witness top 3PL's unified commerce strategies for gaining a competitive edge. Learn the dos and don'ts of 3PL partnerships for shippers and the technologies that help 3PLs stand out while simplifying customer onboarding.

"As someone with over two decades in the parcel shipping industry, I can confidently say that the ProS Who Know event is an exceptional experience,” says Justin Cramer, Co-Founder at ProShip. He continues, “It provides a platform to share our expertise and engage with fellow professionals. Past sessions have been enlightening, offering valuable insights that only deepened my appreciation for this ever-evolving industry. As a panelist in two sessions this year, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to contribute even more to our collective knowledge and provide valuable parcel shipping strategies and more to attendees!"

Don’t miss this free virtual event and the opportunity to connect and network with other supply chain executives and industry professionals. Save your spot in these captivating sessions with parcel shipping experts and submit your questions. Connect with the ProShip team or learn more about ProShip multi-carrier shipping software.

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