Alexandria, VA---The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA) has announced its new ACE-lerate service, powered by CrimsonLogic, to help companies involved in cross border transportation transition to the new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) trade processing system developed by U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP).


A major enhancement of ACE is the 'e-Manifest', an automated cargo manifest that carriers will be required to submit to CBP prior to their arrival at the border.  ACE is currently being implemented in clusters and will soon become mandatory for carriers at all border crossings into the U.S. from Canada and Mexico.  Currently ACE is required in the states of Washington, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California, and select North Dakota ports.  Other ports of entry are being phased in later this year.


NMFTA's ACE-lerate service saves carriers time and money by eliminating redundant data entry, minimizing data entry errors, and reducing manpower to process documents.  This new service is offered in three different versions:


           ACE Web offers a web-based interface allowing the user to easily store information as well as creating shipment and trip templates saving valuable time on future transactions.

           ACE Fax allows users to fax their manifest information to the service center where their data will be reentered into an e-Manifest and sent to CBP.

           ACE Integration provides the software to integrate with a user's in-house dispatch program, for sending and receiving ACE data.


"ACE-lerate allows carriers to store data on their company, loads, customers, equipment and personnel so they can navigate the ACE system more efficiently. In our role as a major Association representing the LTL industry, we are proud to offer the most cost effective and advanced ACE interface system available anywhere," states Bill Pugh, Executive Director of NMFTA.


Founded in 1956, NMFTA is a nonprofit membership organization headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.  Its membership is comprised of motor carriers operating in interstate, intrastate and foreign commerce.  On behalf of participating member motor carriers, NMFTA's autonomous National Classification Committee (NCC) develops and maintains the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC), which is a pricing tool that provides both carriers and shippers with a standard by which to begin pricing negotiations and greatly simplifies the comparative evaluation of the many thousands of products moving in today's marketplace. 


NMFTA also assigns and publishes the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC), a unique two-to-four-letter code used to identify transportation companies, and the Standard Point Location Code (SPLC), a nine-digit numeric code designed to provide each point originating freight and each point receiving freight in North America with a unique number so constructed as to identify the point with its geographic location.


For more information on NMFTA and the new ACE-lerate service, contact 866-411-NMFC (6632),, or visit