DP&C Enterprises, a leading provider of supply chain solutions, has debuted DP&C SmartFleet, an innovative, next generation fleet management system that enables transportation and service providers to more effectively manage their mobile resources, while streamlining operational costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. 
An easy-to-use, web-based solution, SmartFleet offers real-time management of a company’s mobile assets, improving the communication gap for transportation providers that currently utilize fragmented operating systems. In fact, the installation of SmartFleet provides an immediate return on investment through a specially designed 5-5-10 savings program -- 5% fuel savings, 5% reduced driver hours, and an immediate 10% savings on insurance premiums.
Designed to improve operational efficiencies, SmartFleet effectively monitors vehicles, routes and drivers, and provides real-time “notification alerts,” enabling companies to identify problems, and react in a timely, cost-effective manner. Unlike standard GPS systems, which simply provide a point on a map, SmartFleet delivers real-time information, allowing management to analyze pertinent performance information and make informed decisions to meet business objectives. 
SmartFleet is an ideal solution for companies that currently use GPS and/or companies that are considering a GPS system. SmartFleet is easily configured to work with any GPS hardware and can be integrated seamlessly with other customer-based operating systems or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. 
“While cell phones enable management to keep in contact with their drivers, SmartFleet adds a new dimension, and allows management to communicate directly with their mobile assets,” said Keith Spero, President, DP&C Enterprises. “Whether you have a fleet of ten trucks, 300 trucks, or more, SmartFleet is a cost-effective solution that allows management to make informed decisions based on real-time information, ensuring a more efficient operation.”
Spero adds, “At a time when all companies are scrutinizing budgets and looking to streamline costs, the 5-5-10 savings program ensures that the SmartFleet investment will have a positive impact on your bottom line.”
Equally important, this new fleet management system captures data that can be customized to meet each company’s specific business requirements. Essentially, this provides management with the ability to make strategic business decisions based on the breadth of real-time information pertinent to their success.  Moreover, this system eliminates the duplication of efforts, providing a one-source solution for the entire supply chain operation.
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