Jan. 2 2014
This month in our series of articles on the LTL industry, we will be discussing the Rate Agreement. Now that you understand important operational topics such as Pickup and Delivery, Line haul, Dock operations... View More
June 20 2013
This month, in our series on primary LTL operational functions, we will address the next operational step after the P&D pickup, the dock operation. Carrier dock cost is one area where a shipper can have... View More
April 8 2013
Back in the late seventies when I worked as an Industrial Engineer for LTL carrier Ryder Truck Lines, the Senior Vice President of Operations had on his desk nameplate one word, “Service.”... View More
Feb. 12 2013
This month, I will begin a series of articles on the LTL industry discussing the carriers’ various operational areas. Why is it important to learn how carriers operate? By better understanding carriers’... View More