Dec. 12 2016
Small parcel shippers understand the nature of the General Rate Increase, and they attempt to mitigate the increase accordingly. We can negotiate a solid contract, but if our understanding and v... View More
Dec. 8 2016
We asked the questions, you provided responses. For the fourth consecutive year at the PARCEL Forum, Shipware, LLC conducted a live parcel pricing and benchmarking survey in which 56 shippers re... View More
Dec. 7 2016
As almost every shipper knows by now, UPS recently announced it will also be changing its dimensional pricing rules in a not unexpected move closely following a similar change from FedEx. Effect... View More
Dec. 5 2016
A third-party logistics provider specializing in consumer electronics products formerly needed 12 to 16 people per day to run one of its shipping lines. Some of those employees used laser-based... View More
Nov. 30 2016
It’s that time of year when clients ask me about planning for the holiday shopping season, that period of time between Thanksgiving (this year, November 24 – always a Thursday) and Christmas
Nov. 28 2016
Has Netflix suggested a movie or TV show that perfectly matches your tastes? Have you ever purchased an item from Amazon under the category, “Customers who bought this item also bought?”... View More
Nov. 21 2016
A couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Rob Martinez and Krish Iyer to discuss the FedEx 2017 rate changes. In the wake of UPS's Friday announcement, I chatted with these experts again to get their take... View More
Nov. 21 2016
If you thought the election was 2016’s only November surprise, then take a seat before reading any further. On Friday, United Parcel Service posted its updated rate increases for 2017, and it... View More
Nov. 21 2016
The holiday season sees 16% more first-time customers than any other shopping period. That’s an important opportunity for e-commerce providers because positive holiday shopping experiences ca... View More
Nov. 16 2016
In the movie Heartbreak Ridge, Clint Eastwood as Gunny Highway says, “You're Marines now. You adapt. You overcome. You improvise.” With more than 40 plus years of seasoned and practical supply... View More
Nov. 14 2016
In the wake of FedEx’s recent GRI announcement, which, surprisingly, did not mirror the changes announced by UPS a few weeks prior, I sat down with industry experts Rob Martinez, President & CEO
Nov. 9 2016
Mailers and shippers of all sizes need to prepare for record high volumes of shipments during the upcoming 2016 Cyber Season, the heavy shopping and shipping period between Halloween and Christmas Day
Nov. 7 2016
Direct store delivery (DSD) has become a standard model for maintaining retail inventory levels of perishable food and beverages or demand frequent restocking for product freshness. The practice... View More
Oct. 31 2016
According to the National Retail Federation, non-store holiday sales increased nine percent in 2015. With more increases anticipated in 2016, many retailers are strategizing new ways to handle peak-se
Oct. 25 2016
Have you joined the online shopping craze? Perhaps the better question would be, who hasn’t joined? For the past six years, US e-commerce web sales have grown near or above 15%. In 2015, e-commerce
Oct. 12 2016
There are two major candidates. Both swear they’re different and that they fit your needs better than their competition. Regardless of what they communicate, the small parcel market is changing,... View More
Oct. 10 2016
Every year, we survey our readers to get their input on how UPS, FedEx, and USPS are performing for them in terms of on-time delivery, customer service, willingness to negotiate, and more. Download th
Oct. 4 2016
According to a newly-released study by Dotcom Distribution, a logistics and fulfillment firm specializing in emerging e-commerce brands, 87% of online shoppers identified shipping speed as a key... View More
Oct. 4 2016
Every year, incorrect postal information costs the United States Postal Service (USPS) $1.4 billion. With such a massive fee looming annually – none of which is going to USPS operations, but s... View More
Oct. 4 2016
Shipware’s Analysis of the FedEx General Rate Increases for 2017 By David Faour With each year’s General Rate Increase announcement, shippers inevitably ask, “How much is this... View More