Aug. 11 2010 11:11 PM

According to D. Eadward Tree, "Most of what’s wrong with the Postal Service is the fault of Congress. Congress has been bleeding billions of dollars annually from the supposedly independent and self-sustaining Postal Service in the form of overpayments for retiree health benefits and pensions. It also blocks reasonable efforts to close obsolete post offices and to streamline the organization. That being said, as a “print guy” in the magazine industry, the Postal Service often seems like the main foe. Through mismanagement and bad cost accounting, it has made the Periodicals class look like a big money loser that should get huge rate increases. Perhaps postal executives are bluffing and just making publishers the focus of a “Washington Monument strategy.” But they are still making publishing companies even more nervous about their reliance on the Postal Service, which is causing all of the publishing industry’s product-development resources to go to non-postal products — such as Web sites, apps, and printed publications that can be distributed solely through newsstands and alternative-delivery vendors." Read more!