At this time of the year, one of the hottest topics is the parcel carriers’ published General Rate Increase (“GRI”). Although
the excessive increases continue to bring disappointment, this year’s announcement brought few surprises; the exception
being the significant reduction to the dimensional divisor (dim factor) from 194 to 166 for domestic shipments and 166 to 139 for international shipments. The three cubic foot rule continues to apply for ground shipments, so ground shipments that are smaller than 5,184 cubic inches will continue to be billed based on actual weight (no change there… yet!).

* To calculate dimensional weight, measure length x width x height of the package. To play it safe, round each measurement to the nearest whole inch. The result is the size measured in cubic inches. Divide the cubic inches by 194 to determine the chargeable weight. 

Download the PDF to see how shipments will be impacted!

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