RALEIGH, NC, January 25, 2011 — Companies that outperform competitors and capture new markets and customers – with an eye on capital efficiency – create profitable growth, according to Tompkins Associates’ white paper, Leveraging the Supply Chain for Increased Shareholder Value.

“Supply chain improvements generate value for any company that buys, makes, moves, stores or sells a product or service,” says Jim Tompkins, President and CEO of Tompkins Associates, a global supply chain consulting and execution firm. “Profitable growth, along with margin improvement and capital efficiency, helps companies reach the end goal: increased shareholder value.”

To develop a profitable growth strategy for capturing new markets, companies are advised to examine all high-risk (diversification, market development, and product development) and low-risk (market penetration) options. The paper notes two vital questions for each strategy: (1) Can the existing supply chains be leveraged, and (2) can they handle the additional capacity the growth strategy promises to deliver?

“By answering these key questions and applying leading practices, a company’s growth strategy will be successful and contribute to overall revenue and profitability,” says Gene Tyndall, EVP, Global Supply Chain Services, and co-author of the paper. “Regardless of the type of growth strategy deployed, the supply chain will continue to be a driver for operational efficiencies while delivering growth-inducing services.”

To learn more about achieving profitable growth through supply chain strategy, download the whitepaper, Leveraging the Supply Chain for Increased Shareholder Value (http://www.tompkinsinc.com/publications/monograph/shareholder-value/download.asp).