Chicago - ProMat 2011 (March 23, 2011) – RMT Robotics® (, a Cimcorp Oy company, today introduced its newest robotic gantry-based case, layer and crate picking solutions for beverage distribution.

Featured in booth #3821 are the new case and layer picking gantry systems specifically designed to meet high-volume, high-SKU distribution demands. Answering the call for smaller individual order volumes, greater product variety per order and significantly higher frequency in distribution, the RMT Robotics picking system offers a scalable and profitable alternative to manual or semi-automated case picking for beverage distribution operations.

The RMT Robotics automated fulfillment system orchestrates the activity of AS/RS, conveyor and multiple robotic gantries to systematically pick products in singles or groups and send them to the dock face in an optimized trailer load or palletizing sequence. The picking system amplifies distribution efficiency by providing:
• Labor savings - Automated handling reduces the need for human resources.
• Space savings - The compact design of the storage space under the gantry ensures higher processing rates per square foot than most picking systems. In addition, the gantry solution does not require fixed infrastructure like racking or shelving.
• Improved accuracy - Error-free picking results in lower return rates and increased customer satisfaction.
• Improved traceability - The system provides precise information on the location of all products as well as the ability to isolate SKUs in the event of a problem or recall.
• Flexibility - The modular design allows for smaller initial installations that can be easily expanded as your business grows, either in volume or product variety.

Download a rendering of the RMT Robotics case and layer picking solution here:
For more information, visit ProMat Booth #3821 or contact Lori Vaughan, Marketing Coordinator, RMT Robotics, at