March 24 2011 08:21 AM

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. today announced the North American launch of their New
Uni-SHUTTLE HP automated storage and retrieval system.

The Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a high performance automated storage/retrieval system
designed to provide best-in-class capacity and performance through a combination of
flexible storage functions, high capacity transport and sorting capabilities.
Uni-SHUTTLE HP is a new solution that pursues “maximum logistics throughput” in
terms of both productivity and quality.

System characteristics:
 3,000 cases/hour through rapid continuous storage and retrieval
 400m/min shuttle travel speeds running independently on each level
 Highly efficient and flexible system configurations
 Ability to handle a variety of load sizes, shapes or types
 Automatic sequencing of loads prior to or during retrieval
 Just-in-time continuous retrieval

The requirements for handling various load sizes, high throughput, just-in- time
operations, small lot production, and same day delivery, drive the need for new
technology. Retaining operators in this difficult era of recruiting workers also demands
new ideas in automation. Uni-SHUTTLE HP is the solution to these challenges.

About Murata Machinery
Murata Machinery (i.e. Muratec) has been a global market leader in the design,
manufacture and implementation of Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) for
over 45 years. We have extensive experience in storage, transportation, sortation and
warehouse control systems within distribution centers, factory and clean room
environments. Muratec has installed approximately 14,000 storage/retrieval cranes and
3,500 automated guided vehicles in over 11,000 systems within the following industries:
agriculture, air cargo, automotive, beverage and bottle, chemicals, cold storage, food,
electronics, pharmaceuticals, paper, printing and publishing, semiconductor,
solar/photovoltaic’s, specialty retail and textile.

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704-394-6900 ext. 486