Vienna, March, 2011 –The Mondi Green Range was developed to promote environmentally preferable purchasing and support customers in going green. The product family now consists of paper and packaging solutions which:
• are optimised to save natural resources and reduce waste
• have received certifications for their sustainability from internationally recognised bodies.

“The Green Range reflects best our reshaped company purpose statement to create solutions for our customers’ success, delivering exceptional value in a sustainable way”, comments Peter Machacek, CEO Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper & Containerboard. “We are firmly committed to helping customers in going green and achieving their sustainability goals. Being fully integrated across the paper and packaging chain, with in-depth understanding of customers’ markets and products, makes us well equipped to provide the right solution for their success.”

The new Mondi Europe & International Green range is clustered in six categories in order for customers to find the right solutions for their specific needs:

One of the main goals of Mondi’s R&D centres is to develop product solutions which use less material while offering equal or better performance. Mondi develops cost efficient solutions which, in addition to being lighter to transport and easier to handle, help conserve natural resources and reduce waste. An example is Mondi’s new laminate for snack products which is up to 20% lighter than alternative materials and has long-term barrier properties against water, oxygen and light. Also, Mondi’s Advantage ONE sack kraft paper and ONE industrial one-ply bag enable up to 20% lower grammage, waste reduction and tangible cost savings.

Extended Product & Shelf Life
Mondi offers solutions with innovative features helping to reduce environmental impact in the sense that they prolong food products’ shelf life and consequently reduce waste. These range from reclosable bags to Sanocoat®, a unique antimicrobial packaging solution protecting products by inhibiting bacterial growth and mould formation.

Conserving Resources
Mondi´s approach to the conservation of renewable resources, in particular virgin fibre and fresh water, includes optimisation of materials consumption, clean production methods and the use of recycled materials, up to 100%, without compromising quality or safety. For instance, one tonne of lightweight recycled containerboard (RCB) produced on the ECO7 paper machine in Świecie, Poland, uses 20% less steam, 30% less electricity and 40% less water than comparable machines.

Sustainable Forestry
The land Mondi owns, leases and manages is certified according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) standards. The majority of the wood and fibre the company purchases from external suppliers is certified by the FSC® or under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™). Among the solutions that have received accreditation are Mondi’s Virgin containerboard, accredited according to FSC® or PEFC™, Mondi’s PEFC™ labeled consumer bags and FSC® labeled industrial bags.

Due to a shortage of landfills, increasing public concern on climate change and growing interest in bio products, manufacturers opting for biodegradable solutions can contribute actively to environmental protection. With littering still being common, biodegradable solutions help to a great extent to lower its impact on our environment. Mondi´s biodegradable products meet all requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation according to EN 13432. Flagship solutions include Sustainex®, a product family of biodegradable, compostable and recyclable packaging materials and Terra Bag, the world’s first industrial bag with a biodegradable film for humidity protection which won the EUROSAC Grand Prix in 2010 and was officially announced as sack of the year 2010.

Carbon Footprint
Mondi´s approach in measuring the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by its most important grades is accredited by Climate Partner, a leading industry expert. The Pulp & paper Industry (PPI) award for Environmental Strategy of the Year won by Mondi in 2010 reflected its important role in the global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the world’s ecosystems. Following efficiency improvements at various mills around the globe, Mondi has reduced CO2 emissions by 40,000 tonnes; invested in anaerobic waste water treatment plants and follows a Zero Waste strategy across all operations.

At Mondi, responsible, effective product stewardship involves actively managing the environmental, safety and health impacts of products throughout their lifecycle. Mondi bases its product stewardship approach on the Life-Cycle Initiative set out in the United Nations Environmental Programme, which advocates an integrated approach. Mondi also supports the World Commission for Environment and Development assertion that sustainability ‘meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs’.

“Mondi’s customers can discover all innovative paper and packaging solutions of the Green Range product family in eight 
languages in our Green Range brochure or by visiting the newly launched microsite”, concludes Peter Machacek.

Moreover the Mondi booth at the Interpack fair in Düsseldorf will offer the opportunity to see the Green Range products and get to know more details from 12.-18. May 2011.