(UPM RFID, Tampere, 18 April 2011) – UPM RFID is launching an extensive selection of RFID NFC tags and inlays to meet the needs of a variety of applications. UPM RFID’s latest NFC products are top performers designed to satisfy the growing demands of NFC application developers looking for readily accessible tags.

UPM RFID has released several NFC tag products over the years supporting the latest ICs, and has built a solid reputation globally as a supplier of high-quality, high-volume NFC tags. UPM RFID’s "All-Star" NFC products have been UPM BullsEye™, UPM RaceTrack™ and UPM MiniTrack™. Today, smaller products like the round UPM Circus™ and UPM MiniBlock™ (15 x 15 mm) are attracting keen interest in new areas requiring a reduced tag footprint – like advertising and loyalty card applications.

UPM RFID is working with leading NFC smartphone manufacturers to ensure the interoperability of products in various end-uses. As tag functionality and performance are defined in cooperation with device manufacturers, UPM RFID will have greater opportunities to utilize market feedback to match high-quality NFC products to market needs.

NFC application developers and NFC smartphone users are looking for tags with good availability and ease of access. UPM RFID is committed to guaranteeing this supply, and is building a global network of companies to meet market demand driven by a rapidly growing number of NFC smartphone users.

UPM BullsEye™, NFC
Antenna size Ø 35 mm / 1.4”
Excellent inlay for all NFC applications
Powered by NXP Mifare ICs (UL, ULC and 1k Classic)
High reliability with stable performance for tokens, NFC stickers and
smart posters
Top performer with ideal size-performance ratio for NFC smartphones

UPM RaceTrack™, NFC
Antenna size 45 x 76 mm / 1.8 x 3.0”
Excellent solution for mass transit, access control, and event ticketing
such as VIP badges for concerts and sports
Powered by NXP Mifare ICs (UL, ULC and 1k Classic)
High-reliability material for paper tickets & pre-laminated plastic

UPM MiniTrack™, NFC
Antenna size 14 x 31 mm / 0.6 x 1.2”
Small, high-performance product for item-level pharmaceutical, brand
protection and ticketing applications
Powered by NXP Mifare ICs (UL, ULC and 1k Classic)
Versatile antenna form factor with best in class performance
Suitable for small item-level packages, wristbands, loyalty tokens and
other demanding applications

UPM Circus™, NFC
Antenna size Ø 23 mm / 0.9”
New, small, high-performance product
Powered by NXP Mifare ICs (UL and ULC)
Round design provides suitability for smart stickers, brand protection,
advertisement and loyalty applications and embedding into products

UPM MiniBlock™, NFC
Antenna size 15 x 15 mm / 0.6 x 0.6”
New, tiny tag for brand protection, advertisement and loyalty tokens and
for embedding into products like electronics accessories
Powered by NXP (UL and 1k Classic)

The UPM BullsEye™, UPM RaceTrack™ and UPM MiniTrack™ NFC products are currently available via UPM RFID’s converting and distribution partners worldwide. UPM Circus™ and UPM MiniBlock™ are now available for sampling.

“We can now proudly say ‘there’s a tag for that ad’. UPM RFID is presenting the broadest NFC media umbrella for a range of NFC applications. With this setup, we’re able to cover all NFC applications from touch ads to product authentication solutions,” says Mikko Nikkanen, Business Development Director.

UPM RFID, part of UPM’s Engineered Materials business group, is the world’s number one producer of HF and UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and inlays. UPM RFID has a global service network consisting of factories in China and in the United States and a broad network of sales offices worldwide. The UPM Group employs around 22,000 people and it has production facilities in 15 countries. In 2010, UPM's sales amounted to EUR
8.9 billion. UPM's shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
Further information is available at www.upmrfid.com