ATLANTA – RedPrairie Corporation, a global supply chain and retail technology provider, announced today that more than 45,000 stores and food service outlets worldwide are now using its Enterprise Workforce Management (EWFM) solution. That represents a growth of 30-percent in 12 months. RedPrairie’s success in 2011 can be attributed to the continuing evolution from the traditional retailer focus on time and attendance to a broader view of labor across the entire extended enterprise.

    “Workforce management used to be about maintaining control and consistency at the store level, and reducing labor costs,” said Ann Marie O’Connor, industry principal, Retail at RedPrairie. “Now it’s about empowerment and flexibility – putting the right people in the right place at the right time across the entire enterprise to maximize the return on invested labor, improving customer service and ultimately driving revenue growth. This is a significant change in how retailers think about leveraging their workforce across the extended enterprise today to serve the new all-channel consumer.”

    Retail Systems Research examined this shift in thinking it its benchmark study “Enterprise Workforce Management Study: Redefining the Boundaries of Customer-Centric Retailing” published in March 2010 by Managing Partners Nikki Baird and Brian Kilcourse. According to Baird and Kilcourse, “While workforce management can help retailers get a better handle on how their labor investments are being spent; the real opportunity for these tools is in helping retailers drive revenue. Winning retailers are investing in these ideas.”

    Historically retailers have focused on point solutions – deploying one solution for the store, another for the supply chain and a different one for the contact center. With RedPrairie EWFM retailers can deploy a single, integrated suite of applications to drive workforce productivity and effectiveness across the entire retail enterprise – including stores, service centers, distribution centers, contact centers, headquarters and manufacturing operations. RedPrairie EWFM is a robust solution that includes budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, time and attendance, labor standards, incentive pay task management, and clienteling.

    “Workforce management has expanded well beyond simple time and attendance, to include scheduling, forecasting, and budgeting, and increasingly task management, workload planning, and engineered labor standards,” said Baird and Kilcourse. “The complex relationship between these capabilities underlines the reality that retail itself is a complex collection of people, products, and services that work together to address consumer needs. This validates why a WFM solution has become so important – tasks undertaken to service the needs of customers no longer are confined to what happens in the store.”

    Leading retailers around the world are finding that one of the most important capabilities in RedPrairie’s approach to managing the workforce is its scalability. RedPrairie EWFM can scale to process more than 1 million concurrent time punches in less than 15 minutes, and schedule 2.5 million shifts in 4 hours. These robust capabilities ensure that customer needs are being met as retailers grow, helping to drive sales conversions that have a significant impact on same-store and overall revenue growth.

    As of January 2012, RedPrairie’s EWFM solution is deployed in over 20 languages across more than 34 countries worldwide, making it a true global solution for retailers. RedPrairie EWFM customers include leading retailers such as Tesco, one of the world’s largest retailers with operations in 14 countries, employing over 492,000 people and serving millions of customers every week.

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