"UPS (NYSE: UPS) congratulates TNT on its 10-year anniversary of supporting the World Food Programme (WFP). We value our partnership with TNT and the difference we make in communities around the world through the World Food Programme. In January 2005, following the Southeast Asian tsunami, UPS joined TNT to collaborate on providing humanitarian logistics expertise to the World Food Programme. This collaboration has grown into a strong partnership through the development of the Logistics Emergency Team (LET) initiative. LET companies, including TNT, UPS, Agility and Maersk, work together to help victims of natural disasters, realizing that sharing their logistics knowledge and providing customs, warehousing and transportation capacity is an impactful way to assist the WFP with their humanitarian response efforts."

"As part of the Logistics Emergency Team, UPS and TNT have assisted with more than a dozen urgent response missions. For example, in February 2010, following the devastating Haiti earthquake, TNT and UPS worked together to organize airlift of 100 metric tons of food into Miami, Florida. TNT provided the aircraft and UPS received and stored the food until it was ready for delivery to Haiti earthquake victims and then worked side by side as part of the WFP support team. UPS and TNT have collaborated to assist starving children in the Horn of Africa, assisted with disaster relief to Malian refugees and natural disaster preparedness in Nigeria and Turkey."

"UPS salutes TNT for its dedication to humanitarian efforts, its 10 year partnership with the WFP and our joint efforts to bring relief to communities around the world in need."

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Dan Brutto serves as President, UPS International, and oversees the company's global expansion. He leads UPS international package, freight forwarding and logistics businesses, as well as U.S. international package services, providing service to more than 220 countries and territories. He currently serves on the board of The U.S.-China Business Council.