Pittsburgh, PA – Express Technologies has announced a major expansion and investment to its best-in-class TMS service offerings to Westgate Global Logistics, a leading 3PL who has expanded their system over 20 years of LoadTech use. 

Establishing a cloud-based global technology presence, built on the LoadTech TMS System from Express Technologies , Westgate connects their shippers, customers, carriers, vendors and partners worldwide. Via LoadTech, Westgate provides real-time transportation visibility and enhance collaboration across the supply chain. The investment provides significant new features to the firm’s existing shippers as well as extends benefits to the general marketplace. 
The upgrade and migration to the cloud-based LoadTech Data Center enhances Westgate’s shipment execution, data analytics, visibility and collaboration portals and add business intelligence and context-sensitive rues and proactive event management to a more diverse and global scale. The net effect is to enhance the customer experience, via LoadTech which adds value to the Westgate Logistics’ offerings.

The upgrade and benefits are based on the LoadTech Logistics Data Center platform from Express Technologies. The platform provides 24/7/365 on-demand availability for all mission-critical functions. The TMS is a secure platform that meets strict ISO, SAS70, SSAE 16 and DOD security requirements. 

Paul Maloney, President and CEO of Express Technologies notes, “We are pleased and proud to partner with Westgate for over 20 years. Westgate’s commitment to excellence in logistics service is proven by their equal commitment to technology to add further value to their customers and vendors. These enhancements increase efficiency and collaboration across the supply chain. By leveraging the LoadTech Data Center platform, Westgate customers gain new capabilities and the benefits that come from economies of scale. Our feedback has been that it differentiates Westgate in the marketplace and solidifies business relationships.”
Dennis Brand, Director of Infrastructure, adds, “Our highly-available and fully redundant platforms are accessible 24/7/365 and are accessed from sites across four 
continents. This delivers performance, accessibility, and peace of mind for logistics service providers and their customers and vendors alike.”

“Efficient, close collaboration and real-time visibility are keys in today’s competitive freight market,” continues Brandon Barnhart, Dir. of Transportation Solutions. “But more important than that is to deliver those technical capabilities to our clients in a way that fits their specific freight mix and business requirements. The flexibility and intelligence of ExpressTech’s Logistics platform, combined with Westgate’s dedication to excellence achieves this goal. “

For additional information, visit www.xpresstech.com or call 800-874-7794.

Express Technologies, LLC is a world leader in software and systems for the transportation, distribution, and logistics industries. The firm’s flagship system, LoadTech, serves carriers, brokers, 3PL’s, intermodal, and international operations. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, the firm’s mission is to expand its role as the leading provider of technical solutions to the transportation industry.