WEST CHESTER, PA. – May 13, 2014 – A. Duie Pyle, Inc. (Pyle), the premier provider of asset- and non-asset-based transportation and supply chain solutions in the Northeast, announces the launch of its Customized Solutions Group (CSG). Pyle’s new CSG Strategic Business Unit comprises the following four business segments: Custom Dedicated, Truckload, Brokerage, and Warehousing & Distribution. 

“We are excited to launch the Customized Solutions Group as a major addition to A. Duie Pyle’s existing service offerings,” said Keary Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of Pyle CSG. “Our main objective with this new initiative is meeting the evolving supply chain needs of our customers. With CSG’s four business segments, we’re able to continue providing enhanced service offerings to our legacy customers while also adding new technologies, processes and capital to ensure all of our customers—current and future—remain in the forefront of innovation.” 

Pyle’s Custom Dedicated Solutions provides the benefits of operating a customized fleet without any of the headaches of hiring, firing, insuring and maintaining their own fleet. Custom Dedicated Solutions include fleet creation and replacement, specialized equipment, and engineered solutions for fleet optimization. “When Pyle’s customers entrust us to handle part or all of their private fleet needs, they shift to us the responsibility for staying on top of constantly evolving DOT regulations, the significant risk of cargo and personal liability, and the costs and distractions of recruiting and retaining professional drivers,” remarks Mueller. “Our customers trust that Pyle’s 90 years of experience will provide them with the customized solutions for their business—freeing our customers to focus on their core business.”

Pyle’s Truckload Solutions serves the short-haul and regional truckload markets to meet the needs of Pyle’s customers in the Northeast. With the flexibility to meet same-day pickup and delivery, scheduled deliveries and just-in-time service, Truckload provides speedy, specialized transportation services. Truckload solutions can be easily integrated into Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and/or Warehousing & Distribution resources for a single source solution. 

Pyle’s Brokerage Solutions provides a single source for shipping needs throughout the contiguous 48 states. Backed by a knowledgeable team, Pyle’s Brokerage Solutions facilitates shipments from beginning to end and provides flexible and dependable capacity to meet routine and special requests. All third-party carriers meet Pyle’s strict service and regulatory compliance requirements.

Pyle’s Warehouse & Distribution Solutions owns and operates eight warehouse and distribution facilities with more than two million square feet of space. “From public and contract warehousing to customized warehouse management solutions, CSG’s Warehouse & Distribution Solutions provides options for meeting and adapting to our customers’ distribution needs,” says Mueller. 

“Our Customized Solutions Group customers can rest easy knowing they have the expertise and assets of the entire A. Duie Pyle team behind them, providing transportation and supply chain solutions that are customized to fit their ever changing business needs,” said Peter Latta, Chairman and CEO of A. Duie Pyle.

To find out more about CSG or A. Duie Pyle, visit www.aduiepyle.com. 

About A. Duie Pyle

A. Duie Pyle is the Northeast's premier transportation and logistics provider with extended Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) service coverage through established partnerships into the Southeast, Midwest, Canada and the Caribbean. A family-owned and operated business for more than 90 years, A. Duie Pyle provides a complete range of integrated transportation and distribution services supported by 19 LTL Service Centers strategically located throughout the region. A. Duie Pyle’s Customized Solutions Group provides a variety of asset and non-asset-based supply chain solutions, including specialized truckload services through its Truckload fleet and its Brokerage division, integrated Warehousing & Distribution services with more than two million square feet of public and contract warehousing space, and dedicated and quasi-dedicated fleet operations. A. Duie Pyle’s depth of resources and diverse capabilities enable customers to strategically source multiple supply chain solutions. 

For information about A. Duie Pyle, visit www.aduiepyle.com or call 800-523-5020.