Varsity Logistics, Inc. has been recognized as one of the "100 Great Supply Chain Partners" for 2006 by Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies Magazine.

Varsity Logistics was selected from more than 1,800 individual nominations by readers representing scores of different industries from five continents. The companies chosen demonstrate technology, logistics, transportation or consulting solutions that have made a significant impact on their companys efficiency, customer service, and overall supply chain performance, explains Brad Berger, Publisher of Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies. Varsitys place in the 2006 Great Supply Chain Partners is a testament to its superior solution and advanced product set and we heartily congratulate Varsity on this achievement."

The winners of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners list come from over 400 nominated companies. The top 100 were chosen based on number of votes and the supporting comments of their nomination.