Kewill, a leading provider of innovative software for supply chain execution, has expanded its Kewill MOVE® on the Cloud hosted multimodal transportation management software platform to more fully address the needs of Shippers. The platform now incorporates extended transport management functionality for manufacturers across a variety of industry sectors who want to manage their own transportation planning and execution, automating the entire transportation management process and providing complete supply chain visibility. 

The Kewill MOVE on the Cloud for Shippers solution combines all of the key supply chain functions required by Shippers and Manufacturers, including multimodal transportation, customs compliance, warehousing, with end-to-end shipment visibility and integration. It can be deployed quickly using turnkey templates, ensuring rapid ROI and minimizing IT overhead. With Kewill MOVE on the Cloud, Shippers also gain access to a near 16,000-strong international carrier network that is growing all the time, enabling them to respond quickly to new market opportunities as well as continually evolving customer requirements. 

A recent survey of global supply chain professionals by Transport Intelligence, the transport and logistics industry market research specialists, and Kewill, highlighted the magnitude of the task of managing transportation partners, with the risk of poor schedule compliance as a key concern for 72 percent of businesses. Kewill MOVE on the Cloud provides Shippers with the option of measuring against network benchmarks, an extremely useful feature for driving the continuous performance improvements necessary to keep costs down and ensure shipments are delivered reliably on schedule. 

Key benefits of Kewill MOVE on the Cloud for Shippers include:

Potential to reduce freight costs by 5-15 percent by optimizing route planning, carrier selection and consolidation
Automation of shipment tenders, appointment scheduling, and shipment status updates ensuring delivery to schedule and on budget
Acceleration of transportation invoice processing and payment approvals, improving accuracy and helping reduce payment cycle times and improve carrier relationships
Optimization of inbound freight process by collaborating with suppliers 

“The availability of Kewill MOVE on the Cloud is in direct response to the demands of the market. Mid-tier Shippers are seeking a single vendor multimodal transportation management platform that offers turnkey speed with the rapid ROI of a Cloud deployment,” said Evan Puzey, chief marketing officer at Kewill. “Our expertise, honed from years of working with LSPs, Shippers and Retailers around the world, allows us to offer proven, pre-defined, cloud-based solutions to meet the specific requirements of these key industry verticals.”

Source: Transport Intelligence ‘Supply Chain Risk and Visibility in the Movement of Goods’, October 2014