Memphis, Tenn., April 6, 2015-- Green Mountain Consulting, a leading parcel spend management company, announced it will officially change its name to Green Mountain Technology (GMT). The name change demonstrates a commitment to GMT’s core competency and continued innovation of technology in leveraging big data for improved outcomes and execution in the supply chain industry.

“Technology is the foundation of our solution,” explained Jim Jacobs, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “It’s core to what we do and forms the foundation for our Parcel Spend Management solution. Our superior technology is what sets us apart and forms the foundation for a unique business process, which leverages our technology and resources to become a fully-engaged extension of our customer’s resources, and ultimately drives a dramatically different result. ” 

The key to GMT’s superior technology is rooted in the founding partner’s skills and vision for the company. Craig Russell was a software application developer at FedEx, and his team led an initiative to move FedEx customers from paper to EDI automated billing in the 1990s. This experience led to a vision to create a third party company to provide a truly superior parcel audit, freight payment, and information management solution to FedEx and UPS customers. 

As GMT consistently on boarded very large parcel shippers as customers, GMT and their customers’ quickly saw an opportunity for a more data driven effort in managing the cost and service equation in their parcel shipping networks. This opportunity became an urgent concern for GMT’s many retail customers with the explosion of e-commerce. A comprehensive Parcel Spend Management solution was developed that started with parcel invoice automation and auditing technology, then leveraged that data for analysis, network optimization and carrier contract management. GMT’s use of technology and automation allows the company to dedicate parcel experts, high level analysts, and other resources to each customer. The unique business process as a service allows GMT to become a fully engaged extension of customers’ logistics teams working in partnership with them week in and week out to drive improved outcomes. 

Green Mountain Technology partners with the largest parcel shippers in the world to help manage their parcel spend. Current GMT customers represent over $3 billion in annual parcel spend. Customers typically experience a 10% improvement in the efficiencies associated with their parcel network, management, execution and related spend as a direct result of GMT’s Parcel Spend Management solution. 

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