Cubiscan, a pioneer in the dimensioning industry, is launching a new brand identity and website later this year— modernized, classic, and simplified.

In 1987, Cubiscan jumped into the world of cubing and dimensioning and never looked back. The warehousing and distribution, freight manifesting, and transportation (LTL) industries still depend on Cubiscan for accurate dimension data today, just as they have for the past 30 years. The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

The refreshed logo evokes three-dimensions, demonstrating how Cubiscan is thinking of the future while incorporating their vast experience and expertise of the past. As industry leaders, over time the brand has naturally evolved, while remaining quintessentially Cubiscan. Randy Neilson, President of Cubiscan, says “The rebranding and corporate identity will elevate the company’s presence and showcase Cubiscan’s unique position as an industry pioneer, while expressing recommitment to our customers worldwide.” The reimagined website makes it easier to find dimensioning solutions and offers the best accuracy and experience in the market. Cubiscan will start transitioning to the new branding and logo over the next few months in digital and physical applications. The new website will be released mid-September. New products will begin displaying the new branding later this year.

About Cubiscan Since its humble beginnings in 1987, Cubiscan has been the pioneering force in cubing and dimensioning. We invented the product, created the marketplace, and have driven the innovation. We have the best product and market experience to understand and meet unique customer needs. Our systems are more accurate and our software is loaded with value added features—reflecting our robust experience. With 12,000 dimensioners installed worldwide, our experience is in another dimension. Cubiscan technology produces accurate, reliable dimensional data. Our systems and experience transform that data into profit. At Cubiscan, our experience is our guide. Wondering what else Cubiscan is up to? Check us out on Twitter and Facebook