, GERMANY - Dr. Cletus von Pichler, Chairman of the Board of Management of Jungheinrich AG, will leave the company by mutual consent as of October 31, 2006. Effective November 1, 2006, and until the position is staffed definitively, the Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Wolfgang Kiel as Dr. von Pichler's successor.  Mr. Kiel is presently a member of the Supervisory Board of Jungheinrich AG, but this mandate will be suspended for the duration of his activity as Chairman of the Board of Management. 


Mr. Kiel joined the Jungheinrich AG Supervisory Board in 1995.  From 1990 to 1995, he was both a Board of Management member and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management.  Mr. Keil's responsibilities at Jungheinrich also included 30 years of sales management.


About Jungheinrich


Jungheinrich is the world leader in warehouse logistics technology. Founded over fifty years ago, the company has grown from its beginnings as a European manufacturer of materials handling equipment to an international supplier of industrial trucks, warehousing technology and materials-flow products. Today, it is a major supplier of forklift trucks around the globe and offers a complete range of materials handling equipment, rack systems and services related to manufacturing logistics.