Austin, TX (6.19.19) - ShippingEasy, the leading provider of cloud-based shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing solutions for e-commerce sellers, has announced an unmatched suite of new features for its Customer Marketing solution. The multi-channel suite is designed to allow online sellers of all sizes, particularly those who sell on Amazon and Shopify, to put their data to work in order to better understand customers and build repeat business.

ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing solution provides customer insights, segmentation, and lifecycle analytics that can then be leveraged to set up regular or trigger-based email campaigns to generate reviews, build awareness of related products, and increase repeat business. ShippingEasy’s expanded Customer Marketing suite includes:

Amazon Feedback Management

Recent research has found that as many as 76 percent of customers are inclined NOT to buy an item if there’s not a review or rating associated with it. 7 in 10 people indicated that a brand’s response to an online consumer review changed their perception of a brand. Feedback management in e-commerce is as important as ever. ShippingEasy’s Amazon Feedback Management offers e-commerce sellers the opportunity to boost their feedback and reputation with automated, personalized seller and product review emails timed to match delivery and experience patterns. E-commerce sellers can now track their feedback in a robust, single-view dashboard.

This is crucial for Amazon sellers, as 51% of US digital buyers trust Amazon the most for useful product information. Amazon has specific rules set out for its sellers to follow, and ShippingEasy’s fully compliant Amazon Feedback Management takes the worry out of soliciting feedback.

“Feedback drives sales on Amazon and keeps e-commerce sellers competitive,” said Chris Vaughn, VP Marketing, ShippingEasy. “Now, online sellers can automatically solicit seller and product reviews, manage and respond to feedback faster, and grow revenue. All of this in one platform, without the hassle of multiple solutions. This saves sellers potentially hundreds of dollars over other software solutions while also reaping the benefits of a multi-channel solution. ShippingEasy is the only email service provider that offers full Amazon feedback management with alerts, review metrics, and product health monitoring, as well as a dashboard to manage an entire reputation. All of this is available alongside regular and automated campaigns for other selling channels.”

Easy Drag & Drop Template Builder

Sending emails to customers has never been easier. In 10 minutes or less, e-commerce sellers can create beautiful, custom email campaigns, then preview templates for phone, tablet, or desktop. The solution also comes with professional, attention-grabbing pre-built templates. Advanced features include personalized variables, social media library, embedded video, and more.

Powerful Segmentation Rules

E-commerce sellers can take control of their messaging and deliver meaningful content to the most impactful audience. Lists can be segmented by customer type, shopping data, products purchased, amount spent, location, and more. Information is automatically updated when new order data is received, and categorized by segments like prospects, recent, repeat, and inactive customers.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns

ShippingEasy analyzed Shopify abandoned cart data just for ShippingEasy customers who aren’t using abandoned cart emails. The total value of these Shopify abandoned carts is tens of millions of dollars. Lost revenue like this can now be reclaimed automatically using ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing solution. The solution makes it easy to build beautiful emails that trigger within an hour after cart abandonment (or at a customized time dictated by the Shopify seller) to convert a customer.

More About Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy’s Customer Marketing solution provides customer insights, segmentation, and lifecycle analytics that can then be leveraged to set up regular or trigger-based email campaigns to generate reviews, build awareness of related products, and increase repeat business. Working with successful e-commerce sellers, ShippingEasy has identified the most effective campaigns to achieve sales goals, all of which can be set up in merely a few clicks. Full features include Contact Management, Automated Email Campaigns, Regular Email Campaigns, Product Recommendations, Marketing Dashboard / Analytics, Amazon Feedback Management, Customer Order Reminders, and Win-back Campaigns.

“There’s not another multi-channel tool on the market for review and management like ShippingEasy’s platform, which is designed to put e-commerce data to work,” said Vaughn. “Data does nothing if it’s not captured and utilized properly. ShippingEasy’s built-in customer marketing features employ customer and order data for targeted email marketing and product review management. No longer do all these capabilities need to exist behind disparate logins and invoices. ShippingEasy is a complete, one-stop solution for increasing reviews and product visibility in the same place online sellers process shipping and inventory.”

About ShippingEasy
ShippingEasy provides the only complete solution for e-commerce merchants to automate order imports and shipping, manage inventory, and increase sales through customer email marketing and online reviews. Powerful integrations with leading online channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many others allow merchants to manage orders, products and customers from everywhere they sell—all in one place. The inclusion of email marketing and inventory management solutions—plus award-winning support from great humans in Austin, Texas — lets tens of thousands of online merchants streamline their businesses and increase orders through a complete solution that provides far more than best-in-class shipping solutions. ShippingEasy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of (Nasdaq: STMP).