St. Louis, Missouri, May11, 2021: StreamTech Engineering LLC, a leading provider and integrator of intelligent fulfillment automation systems, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company a patent for the FoldSerter™, a system for inserting multi-page plain paper pack slips into open cartons (US Patent No. 10,822,131 B2).

The FoldSerter™ automatically identifies each package, communicates with the software system to receive the correct pack slip, prints, folds, and inserts the pack slip into the carton, while scanning each page for 100% verification. StreamTech's WCS software allows the system to deliver to multiple lines simultaneously.

“Our clients have really embraced the FoldSerter product. This document inserter is a practical solution that comes from StreamTech's deep operational experience and our expertise in controls and software integration. The Foldserter will help our customers increase throughput and profitability. It gives them the flexibility to handle single or multi-page documents in an automated fashion, with 100% scan verification. I believe it has the lowest complexity and provides the best value in the industry,” said Steve Horcher, Automation Engineer and co-inventor.

Foldserter™ has been implemented in a variety of industries including electronics, aerospace, government, publishing, postal, 3PL, medical and consumer products. Visit to learn more.

About StreamTech Engineering LLC

StreamTech Engineering is both an integrator and designer of automation systems for e-commerce and fulfillment companies. StreamTech has developed custom solutions for pack station automation and document insertion, dimensioning and shipping, receiving, print-and-apply, and sortation systems, as well as controls and software. Systems are assembled, integrated and debugged offsite before installation to minimize operational disruption and downtime. StreamTech’s automation systems commonly solve problems with labor allocation, throughput, customer satisfaction, cost control, and flexibility, to increase profitability and maximize throughput.