NASHVILLE, Tenn. — May 25, 2021 — LaserShip, the largest regional e-commerce parcel carrier in the U.S. and leader in last-mile delivery, has expanded to Tennessee with the opening of three new branches in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville. LaserShip began deliveries in early May as part of its broader expansion, which increases delivery coverage by nearly 18% to reach an additional 979 new zip codes across 16 states. The expansion occurs as the pandemic has forced retailers to balance the rise in e-commerce against higher delivery costs and capacity constraints implemented by national carriers.

“While online sales dramatically accelerated in 2020, retailers had to overcome capacity constraints, cost increases, and the struggle to meet consumer expectations of fast and reliable delivery,” said Josh Dinneen, Chief Commercial Officer at LaserShip. “LaserShip is proud to expand to Tennessee to help our retail partners build flexible, more resilient supply chains that respond to evolving consumer expectations. We also look forward to welcoming more employees into the LaserShip family and growing our involvement within the local communities.”

The state-of-the-art Nashville branch located at 3827 Logistics Way is the largest of the three and will facilitate millions of deliveries to almost 2 million consumers in the greater Nashville metropolitan area. LaserShip is creating more than 200 jobs to help meet local delivery demand, while boosting economic growth across the regions.

“We’re excited about LaserShip’s expansion into Tennessee,” said Stephanie Coleman, Chief Growth Officer of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce. “The Nashville region is a magnet for innovative companies like LaserShip looking to make their mark and grow their footprint. The company’s investment in our region will increase last-mile delivery services available to e-commerce businesses, product-supply businesses, and consumers, creating more opportunities for our growing, vibrant community.”

The Tennessee expansion enables consumers to take advantage of the benefits of LaserShip’s proprietary delivery platform, including its Visual Proof of Delivery (vPOD) service that improves visibility and transparency by providing a photo confirmation with virtual time stamp when package deliveries have been made.

LaserShip delivers competitive advantage to leading retailers and businesses with fast, reliable, cost-efficient last-mile delivery that acquires customers and builds brand loyalty. LaserShip has 35 years of delivery experience and is continuously innovating to better serve its customers through its investments in technology, automation, and machine learning to stay ahead of the evolving e-commerce landscape.