Ettlingen, Germany (July 24, 2007) ­ vps ID Systeme GmbH, a leading European supplier of professional IT solutions for identity management, announces that the 5th vps Customer Day attracted over 50 security professionals and end users, underscoring the booming interest in advanced ID management solutions within the security industry today. The event took place at the Buhlsche Mhle conference center in Ettlingen, Germany, on June 19-20, 2007.
In addition to learning about vps new ID management products and services, participants to the 5th vps Customer Day were able to get valuable tips and advice from vps software specialists as well as from other users of vps web-based open-architecture ID card management system, IDExpert CMS. Feedback from participants was extremely positive, highlighting the strategic importance of state-of-the-art ID management solutions in both corporate and government organizations today.
During the first day, under the theme "IT meets ID", guests received some background information regarding the company name change to vps ID Systeme (which better reflects the nature of its core business) and the launch of the comprehensive ID management products and services platform, IDExpert. Speakers from vps also presented the new partner program as well as the latest version (2.5) of IDExpert CMS Card Management System. Two workshops were held during which participants discussed requirements for their specific ID card management systems with vps product managers. Through these contacts with clients and prospects, vps ensures that its products always meet customers' needs, today and in the future.
The theme of the second day was "ID Security Today and Tomorrow". Among the highly qualified speakers that took the stage were Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel from the law firm Bartsch und Partner (legal aspects of IT security), Berhard Wager from Landesamt for Statistik und Datenverarbeitung and Clemens Hurtling from the IT security company IDpendant (practical experiences), Axel Maurer from Karlsruhe University (Service Oriented Architecture), and Christoph Aschmoneit from LEGIC Identsystems (new approaches to contactless reading).
The outstanding success of this year's event led to the prompt decision to hold the 6th vps Customer Day in 2008.
About vps
vps ID Systeme GmbH, a leading European supplier of professional IT solutions for identity management, has been providing cutting-edge card personalization and management software solutions since 1992. With IDExpert CMS, its web-based, open-architecture card management application, vps is driving the industry towards next-generation identity management systems. The company caters for all market requirements with solutions ranging from compact systems for small quantities of photo IDs to enterprise-level solutions for large numbers of chip-based multi-functional cards. Applications range from access control and electronic ticketing, to ePassports, national IDs, and health cards. Based in EttlingenGermany, vps serves its worldwide client-base through its partner network. You can find more information on our website