Premium Forwarding Service Here to Stay for Residents Away from Home


U.S. Residents who temporarily relocate to another U.S. address, such as a summer home, now can count on having their mail forwarded for up to one year with Premium Forwarding Service.


The Postal Service announced today that Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) now is a permanent offering. It was first tested as an experimental product in August 2005. The high customer interest and success of the service were cited as reasons for the announcement.


The consumer value for using PFS is that all mail is forwarded, including magazines and catalog subscriptions. Mail is reshipped once a week to the temporary location for a fee. Expedited services, such as Express Mail and Priority Mail, as well as Registered Mail, are forwarded separately at no extra charge.  


Premium Forwarding Service has been a big hit with our residential customers said Nick Barranca, vice president, product development. For snow birds and others on the move, it enables them to take a little piece of home along with them.


PFS was introduced as an experimental product in August 2005. To date it has generated more than 300,000 applications and $25.7 million in revenue for the Postal Service.


Customers can enroll at the Post Office serving their permanent address (a government issued photo ID and proof of permanent address are required). There is a one-time application fee of $10, and a weekly forwarding charge is $11.95.


Change-of-Address and Hold Mail services are still available at no charge