Aug. 22 2011
With the news filled with story after story of password hacking, login hijacking, “Phishing” and the continued hacks made on websites, many individuals and small companies are looking to improve... View More
June 13 2011
Many companies adopt a warehouse management software package in an attempt to simplify their fulfillment activities. In addition to handling fulfillment activities of the shipping department, many packages... View More
Dec. 6 2010
When there is a lot of blame, people always seem to know who is deserving of that recognition. But when you succeed as Project Manager, there is no recognition. When you succeed, you have done what you... View More
Sept. 21 2010
One very relevant question in today’s industry is, “Where is the industry going, and why should I know about cloud computing and my shipping system?” Everything is in a constant state... View More
June 18 2010
No matter what size company you have, you will always have a need for increased functionality. In an organization, there is always at least one person, if not many, constantly submitting new ideas. With... View More
March 15 2010
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Dec. 7 2009
By Oscar Murray... View More
Oct. 8 2009
So you have made it to the final mile, but will you make it to the finish line (my metaphor for the start of your busy season)? If you have been working on your year-long goals and objectives, you should... View More
Aug. 26 2009
The question is: How many test cases should you have? The hindsight answer always seems like, "One more.•bCrLf People say learn by burn is the most effective approach. This learning curve can be a... View More
June 29 2009
In these tough economic times, many companies are reducing or suspending their spending. Even companies that are doing well are trying to reduce spending so that they continue doing well. Reducing cost... View More
March 30 2009
February and March are often cold and dreary in much of the country, but there are a few days of sunshine that let you know brighter days are on their way. I utilize this “slow season” for... View More
Feb. 9 2009
The rush is over, the adrenaline levels are going back to normal; no more “get it out the door.” No more sleepless nights due to endless phone calls throughout the night, not to mention getting... View More