Jan. 11 2016
It has been a fantastic experience personally witnessing the evolution (revolution) of transportation of goods with technology progress rapidly over the last 35 years. Basically, we went from L... View More
Oct. 26 2015
The world's supply chain has largely been manufactured and shipped from China as the supply chain has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades.China surpassed the USA last year to be... View More
Sept. 21 2015
The delivery of food from restaurants is gaining momentum in most major cities. Logistic companies are providing a superior way to service consumers and are allowing restaurants to sell outside of their... View More
June 17 2015
The supply chain continues to amaze as its permutations are constantly innovated and improved. What happens to useful products after they are manufactured, consolidated, warehoused, shipped, retailed,... View More
April 29 2015
One of the most fascinating thing about sales is learning something every single day about how to improve. First and foremost, people love to buy, enjoy good showmanship and hate to be sold a bill of goods.... View More
Feb. 22 2015
Transportation has five key modes to move materials: Air, Rail, Road, Water and Pipeline. Pipeline has become increasingly more visible as the Keystone Project from Canada to Texas has become controversial.... View More
Dec. 8 2014
The PARCEL Forum in Dallas was excellent, and it is impossible to exaggerate the impact of meeting old and new contacts. I have been thinking about the “origins” of parcels and packages before... View More
Sept. 26 2014
Last summer, PARCEL published an article I penned called Space. Expansion of what could easily become the world’s biggest industry with brand new boundaries, apparently plenty of capital, vision... View More
Sept. 21 2014
Google X is Google’s R&D department that is heavily veiled and concentrating on “moonshots,” which it depicts as something that is totally innovative; potentially an enormous new revenue... View More
April 28 2014
With all the new technology at our fingerprints, have you noticed how some things are slowing down so much that they are exasperating? Many of these irritations actually appear like they are in slow motion... View More
March 23 2014
Change is accelerating as the web proliferates as a marketing, buying and measurement tool. Technology that is currently in the pipeline could make the rapid change we have seen so far pale in comparison:... View More
Jan. 2 2014
In the October issue of PARCEL, we discussed the rapid growth of Amazon and its moves into groceries and same day delivery. Feedback from that Red Flag article was significant, particularly from retailers... View More
Sept. 24 2013
I have written several articles for PARCEL about tech firms that are approaching the supply chain in new ways. Amazon’s overall strategy is becoming clearer and is by no means just in test... View More
Aug. 22 2013
If a finance person is asked what they do, they quickly adjust to a higher plane of GDP or moves by the Fed. We in the supply chain could position ourselves better with everyone we meet. For instance,... View More
June 24 2013
The next 100 years will have as much impact as the last 200on the world’s logistics. The first steamship was in 1776, the original steam locomotive debuted in 1804, the Wright brother’s... View More
April 21 2013
Mardi Gras’ first year in New Orleans was in 1857; it has since become the world’s biggest party and has been nicknamed The Greatest Free Show on Earth. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday and culminates... View More
Feb. 12 2013
The consumer appetite for faster delivery is accelerating and is being visualized as a key competitive weapon by many firms that you buy from. An enormous number of ventures are vying for differentiation... View More
Dec. 6 2012
Let’s assume you were able to offer customers a reduction of their cost if they invited other customers to join them on the same high-speed point to point service they were enjoying. How would you... View More
Aug. 7 2012
Quality is well-known as being highly effective with ISO 9001; the world's ecology is also being improved rapidly with ISO 14001 boasting over 230,000 corporate members in 159 countries. The International... View More