Oct. 4 2011 10:29 AM

A Pitney Bowes customer had just secured a new contract for global parts distribution, largely of small parcels, for a vehicle manufacturer. The customer needed a solution that could be deployed as a “black box” in a print and apply environment. It also had to work with its client’s legacy system – as well as a new SAP warehouse management system.

The company had all but decided on a vendor when they had one conference call with Pitney Bowes. During a presentation Pitney Bowes presented an alternative solution that addressed each of the company’s key requirements:

• Small-parcel and option to support other TMS functionality
• Ease and speed of integration with SAP
• Ability to integrate into multiple data sources
• A collaborative approach – including design workshops with operational and technical representatives from the customer and their client company
• Ability to support growth (international, optimization, multi-location) process efficiencies
• Selection of best delivery options across all modes of transportation

Pitney Bowes’ best-in-class collaborative approach works directly with the client and enables implementation to be done quickly and efficiently. Additional strengths of SendSuite live include the ability to:

• Manage multiple carriers - parcel, freight and LTL - with a single system
• View and utilize domestic and/or international carriers – with labeling at point of origin
• Import and export data from their ERP systems, regardless of type and complexity
• Provide enterprise-wide visibility into tracking and status

Companies have a diverse range of shipping locations - warehouses, stores, corporate mail centers, offices, distribution centers, and even remote worker’s offices. Running a logistics operation is highly complex. Whether you’re managing parcels from the mail center, documents from the desktop or freight from the warehouse SendSuite Live™ offers the flexibility and scalability to address any shipping environment.

SendSuite Live™ is a powerful web-based solution designed to guide simple to complex shipping operations to the next level in cost management, process efficiency and compliance. This robust solution utilizes a single platform to manage all transportation related activities. It optimizes, integrates and automates all shipping processes while providing the highest degree of real-time visibility, control and choice throughout your operation.

• FIND THE MOST COMPETITIVE RATES AND SERVICES – Access parcel and freight carrier rates, and multi-modal choices based on the needs of your business—without being limited to single carrier options

• MINIMIZE UNEXPECTED FEES – Minimize residential and fuel surcharges with access to current carrier information

• ESTABLISH AND ENFORCE BUSINESS RULES – Mitigate unexpected charges while continuing to maintain service levels throughout the organization

• STREAMLINED LOGISTIC PROCESS -- Automating manual or ad-hoc processes within your logistics operation can have a huge impact on your organization. SendSuite Live’s single platform architecture helps create a streamlined and systematic shipping environment.

• LOWER LABOR COSTS – Significantly reduce manual data entry and processing errors thus improving employee and workflow efficiencies and eliminate the need to train many operators on multiple, disparate systems

• ELIMINATE INFORMATION SILOS – Improve delivery cycles, eliminate redundancies, automate the data management process, and integrate seamlessly with ERP, inventory, accounting and warehouse management systems

• BETTER INVENTORY MANAGEMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN VISIBILITY – Leverage the powerful capabilities of the SendSuite Live™ solution to integrate with a wide range of systems giving you full visibility to your supply chain, empowering you to make informed business decisions

• MANAGE BUSINESS RISKS -- Shipping environments are becoming more complex. SendSuite Live™ helps you easily manage and reduce your business risks from a single platform

• IMPROVE VENDOR AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE – Auditable procedures give you evidence of control

• ELIMINATE CUSTOMS DELAYS, RETURNS AND PENALTIES – Utilize the clear cut documentation and electronic filing requirements included with the SendSuite Live™ solution

• ENSURE COMPLIANCE – Proper labeling and documentation ensure governmental regulations and other requirements are met

• ANALYZE AND CONTROL YOUR SPEND – SendSuite Live’s accounting dashboard integrates seamlessly with ERP and other accounting systems to provide an integrated view of all transportation spend

• UPDATE CHANGING CARRIER INFORMATION – Accessing live data that refreshes regularly to provide you with the most recent carrier service capabilities

• PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – Pitney Bowes has a team of dedicated experts to analyze your workflow, then design and manage your solution implementation from start to finish, meeting your unique business requirements. Our Professional Service offerings include Business Analysis, Project Management, Integration & Installation Services, Training as well as comprehensive maintenance and support options

• CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS – Every shipping operation and application is different, and every customer’s business needs are unique. At Pitney Bowes, our team of experts design and integrate a customized solution specific to your needs, which will streamline your operation, cut costs and help manage business risks

• FINANCING OPTIONS – Unlike many others, Pitney Bowes offers our own suite of financing options to accommodate your solution acquisition requirements

The last thing your organization needs is another information silo or “free” standing system. With SendSuite Live™, you get a browser-based solution with virtually unlimited integration capabilities. Integration helps break down those silos providing instant access for key members throughout the supply chain with SendSuite Live. 

SendSuite Live™ features an enterprise-class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform designed to meet the strictest IT demands for secure, scalable and reliable processing. Built on .NET and Microsoft SQL Server, SendSuite Live™ can be deployed on a single server or across clustered, load-balanced servers for redundancy. Clients access SendSuite Live™ applications via Internet Explorer and systems can access Web Services via a SendSuite Live API. 

Whether you’re shipping from a Mail Center, Desktop, a remote work location, or a Production Shipping environment, SendSuite Live™ helps streamline your operation, reduce costs, and manage business risks while giving you capabilities you never thought possible. The benefits for each shipping environment are detailed in the three sections outlined along the bottom.

Pitney Bowes knows logistics. We’ve been helping customers determine the best way to manage their shipping operations for decades. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with each of our clients to solve unique requirements, creating solutions to make their business run more productively and profitably.