In today’s changing market and constant increase in the cost of freight, managing transportation is a very important area of any company. The ability to utilize software that has a low total cost of ownership yet has the ability to manage all modes of carriers and services to obtain the most economical methods of transportation to meet your customer’s in-hand delivery expectations are key. 

    The importance of the ability to manage all of your parcel and LTL shipping from a single centralized enterprise system 
    Today’s enterprise-class, multi-carrier shipping solutions can help solve the complex shipping challenges of businesses across a wide range of industries. It is important to establish a single point of execution for all small package (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS + many more), LTL, and TL shipments — not only simplifying shipping practices, but also reducing your overall cost. 

    These solutions should be tightly integrated with your host business systems. 
    Some important benefits gained by implementing an enterprise transportation application are:

    • Enterprise management from single server. Reduce management and TCO 
    • Browser interface allows for access by any workstation on the intranet (No client install)
    • All carriers executed from the same interface
    • Operate in “black box” or “desktop” mode simultaneously
    • Easily add custom and unique business rules
    • Full integration with ERP and WMS
    • Platform to future material handling automation like “print and apply”
    • Improved customer tracking and delivery status
    • Multiple locations added easily
    • Rate shopping between carriers will lower shipping costs
    • Better information on shipments for the customer
    • Desktop shipping for outside employees and vendors
    • Robust reporting and business intelligence
    • Server based shipping engine with web/browser user interface.
    • Shipping workstation comprised of scale, bar code scanner, and label printer.
    • Carrier certified all major carriers such as UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL and many more!.
    • Generates Bills of lading for LTL and TL carriers.
    • Ability to manifest future ship dates.
    • User definable custom carriers and rate tables.
    • Consolidate shipments to the same destination.
    • Ability to void or reprint existing shipment.
    • User permissions selectable.
    • Workstation permissions selectable.
    • Supports unlimited number of users, company/location combinations.
    • Supports an unlimited number of ship from, ship to, and alternate return addresses.
    • Assigns shipping charges to specific departments.
    • Custom reports and business intelligence

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