Mississauga, Ontario; July 16, 2013 – PSI Engineering today announced a strategic partnership with the LinkX Corporation to offer eCommerce companies a random packaging fulfillment system to help speed up order fulfillment lines and grow revenues.

The agreement gives PSI Engineering exclusive North American rights to market an automated carton sizing technology that solves a critical problem; small items shipped in large cartons.

The Optimizer packaging system was designed specifically for eCommerce /online order fulfillment operations in which random, single, multiple, loose or grouped goods must be packaged automatically for shipment. It uses standard RSC and any size box can be right-sized in any random order without changeovers, custom corrugated components, hot melt glue, or dedicated lines.

“Reducing package dimensions also mitigates rising transportation costs. States John Panunto, President of PSI ” With a 30 % reduction 7 trucks could ship the same order volume that now requires 10 trucks. Concludes Mr. Panunto”

About PSI Engineering

PSI Engineering integrates and automates the packaging of orders within customer’s distribution Center Network by using patented equipment solutions and PSI designed software technology. PSI Engineering’s high speed material handling and production laser printing systems reduce hidden operation costs while increasing order throughput often with a one year payback. PSI provides cost effective IT Fulfillment solutions for the e-commerce, direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and order fulfillment industries. Visit www.psiengineering.com