Marietta, GA - Vanderlande Industries has launched its QUICKSTORE Microshuttle, an automated
storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) belonging to Vanderlande’s QUICKSTORE line of miniloads,
shuttles and load-handling devices. These shuttles can move between different levels within the racking
via a lift and provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution particularly for low to medium
throughput applications.

An important advantage of the Microshuttle is scalability. As throughput requirements increase, the
system can be expanded with additional shuttles. The shuttles feature wireless communication and have
“on-board energy” through the use of capacitors. This ensures the shuttles can operate autonomously
without the need for power rails in the aisles. 

The QUICKSTORE Microshuttle was uniquely designed to be a lightweight, energy-efficient and costeffective
system. Its lightweight design means fewer material costs and less energy consumption.
Energy efficient operation is ensured by always using the optimal combination of motor performance, acceleration
and speed.

Plus, braking energy is used to reload the capacitors.

High accessibility and availability are two additional benefits of a QUICKSTORE Microshuttle system.

Each location in the racking can always be reached manually and should a shuttle need service, it can
easily be removed from the system while the other shuttles take over storage and retrieval.

Vanderlande Industries is a $1B leading global system integrator and OEM of turnkey material handling
systems for the distribution, parcel and postal markets, as well as airport baggage handling systems. The
company offers a full range of services from engineering and design to installation, operations and 
maintenance. Vanderlande Industries offers more than 60 years of experience and ranks as the 5th
largest material handling supplier in the world.