Indianapolis, July 30, 2013—enVista, a leading supply chain consulting and IT services firm, announced today that it is helping clients improve their ability to optimize process improvement projects by illustrating a company’s overall flow of inventory and information using the widely accepted practice of Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

In addition to implementing engineered labor standards, labor management systems, and Lean Six Sigma process improvement consulting, enVista provides VSM assessments to significantly improve supply chain productivity. During a VSM assessment, enVista’s engineers map a company’s value streams from the retail store back through their DC, all the way into the company’s vendors’ supply chains. enVista value stream maps illustrate where waste occurs and includes a resulting future state plan that connects improvement activities. LEAN improvement events alone create localized improvements; value stream mapping and analysis strengthens the gains from LEAN conversions by providing vision and plans that connect all improvement activities.

Kurt Leisman, enVista Project Manager said, “Companies often hold LEAN or ‘kaizen’ events in the DC or store to drive out waste without having a vision and plan that connects all improvement activities end to end. While improvement events deliver significant savings, companies that take this approach likely miss the big opportunity in the overall supply chain from source to consumption. enVista’s Value Stream Mapping assessment can quickly show an organization the overall value stream, pinpointing improvement opportunities that lead to long-term, high impact results.”

VSM assessments identify waste and then help the client plan to eliminate it by using five key principles: (1) specify value from the customers point of view, (2) identify the value stream, (3) flow the product/inventory, (4) pull product to meet customer demand, and (5) manage toward perfection.

Jim Barnes, enVista President and CEO, said, “Value Stream Mapping offers a beneficial tool to identify significant opportunities to reduce considerable waste by determining the interdependent relationships between processes across the total supply chain. Our clients are benefitting from understanding ways they can drive productivity improvements and appreciate working toward a long-term plan that meets their workforce and business requirements.”

About enVista
enVista is a leading supply chain consulting and IT services firm, delivering innovative solutions that improve profitability, enhance customer service and reduce waste from source to consumption. enVista’s unrivaled consulting experience, deep vertical industry expertise and comprehensive solutions portfolio, enable clients to leverage one strategic partner that consults, implements and operates across Supply Chain, Transportation, Retail, IT and ERP.