(September 14, 2006) ShockWatch announced today the redesign of their popular and widely used ShockWatch labels. The graphics of the labels have been updated to enhance their visibility and readability. The ShockWatch Label Program components companion labels, alert stickers, and yellow caution tape have also been enhanced to reflect a more current look and feel.

The ShockWatch label is part of the Impact Indicator family of products and consists of a large, brightly colored label that is affixed to the corner of a shipping carton.  In the middle of the label are miniature precision-engineered glass tubes with a bright red liquid the indicator that becomes visible if the box is dropped or sustains a significant impact. The appearance of the bright red liquid immediately signals that the box has been mishandled and suggests that the recipient check for damage.

The primary purposes of the Shockwatch Label Program are to deter mishandling of shipments, indicate when a package has been handled improperly, and alert the recipient to inspect the contents. The combinations of the label and other program components provide a very effective deterrence to mishandling of goods in transit. The ShockWatch label, the signature component of the program, now features a significantly larger black arrow which clearly points to the location of the impact indicator on a shipping carton. The redesign also includes the graphics for the companion label, created to draw more attention to the ShockWatch label, with clear instructions on what to do if the shipment is received with the indicator activated indicating mishandling and the alert sticker, which goes on the Bill of Lading as a reminder that the package is being monitored.  The ShockWatch yellow and black Handle with Care packing tape, used in conjunction with the other program components, has also been redesigned.

The new design for the ShockWatch labels and program components provide an extremely strong visual deterrent to any mishandling of products during the shipping process, says Jeff Kilpatrick, VP Marketing at ShockWatch. This is another example of how ShockWatch is committed to continually improving our products to protect our customers fragile, sensitive, or calibrated goods, ultimately reducing product damage and loss incurred during transportation.

ShockWatch will also offer the design enhancements as part of their private label product line.  Companies wanting a ShockWatch label that displays their own company name and information purchase the label with a custom color and their own logo. The private labels are extremely popular with major manufacturers that want to do everything possible to ensure that their products are handled responsibly during shipping and handling so that they can provide damage-free products to their customers.

ShockWatch Impact Indicators are manufactured in the United States and sold around the world. They can be found protecting thousands of goods in storage and transport, from medical supplies and electronic equipment to glass and food products. They are part of the Shipping and Handling line of products which also feature an extensive array of monitoring devices that include Tilt Indicators, Environmental Indicators, and Impact & Environmental Recorders. 

ShockWatch specializes in Damage Prevention, offering Shipping & Handling Monitors and Equipment Monitors for use in a variety of industries and applications. ShockWatch products are used to monitor the handling of goods throughout the production and delivery process, and the operation, access, and usage of equipment with the goal of reducing costs by preventing damage. ShockWatch, along with Media Recovery and The Damage Prevention Company, is part of the MRI family of companies. MRI helps customers achieve new levels of efficiency, quality, and safety, and provides products and services to two-thirds of the Fortune 100 and over half of the Fortune 1000 companies.

For more information, contact ShockWatch at 1111 W. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 1050, Dallas TX, 75247; phone (214) 630-9625; fax (214) 638-4512; e-mail: info@shockwatch.com; or visit us online at www.shockwatch.com.