COLUMBIA, Md. (September 14, 2006)  PEAK Technologies, a Platinum Equity Company and SAP Software Partner, announced today it has equipped its Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solutions Center in Columbia, Md. with the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure Release 4.0 component of the SAP NetWeaver platform to help ensure comprehensive testing and device integration.
The SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure integrates RFID technology with supply chain processes, allowing customers to meet current market needs and to be ready for future automatic identification requirements. The SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure provides functionality that allows companies running SAP solutions to meet the RFID compliance requirements for logistics applications set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense and large retailers such as Wal-Mart.

Many companies have implemented SAP solutions but don't know how to use the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure component, said Chris Schultz, senior SAP systems architect for PEAK Technologies. By having the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure component in our RFID SolutionCenter, PEAK can help customers learn how to use the software and extend RFID data capabilities by incorporating it into their business processes.

PEAK has continued to invest resources into developing enhanced RFID capabilities for SAP solutions so that we are able to bring our customers the latest solutions to take advantage of the strategic benefits of the technology, said Ross Young, president and CEO for PEAK Technologies.
About the RFID Solutions Center
For customers running SAP solutions in manufacturing, warehousing or distribution center operations, the PEAK RFID Solutions Center is also equipped with an RFID solution consisting of SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure utilizing the PEAK Automation Controller. The PEAK Automation Controller is a device controller and application software package written in the ABAP programming language.  It also has an interface component in Java that has achieved Powered by SAP NetWeaver status for its deployment and portal integration with SAP NetWeaver. The setup of the solution center allows customers to test the seamless deployment of RFID encoders, printers, applicators, readers and input/output controllers in an SAP solution-based environment. The PEAK Automation Controller software allows SAP users to seamlessly deploy RFID printers and readers into their existing infrastructure in order for users to maintain an SAP solution-centric application environment.  
The RFID Solutions Center allows customers to understand the best ways to use technology through a detailed lab process that includes testing packaging composition in terms of RFID signal propagation; tag placement and orientation; read range validation and antenna selection; portal and product-conveyor performance; and a host of other best-fit solutions.
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