Jan. 19 2017 05:05 AM

2016 was a big year for the parcel industry. FedEx and UPS changing their DIM requirements, as well as announcing rates that differed from their competitor for the first time in a long time, were definitely the big stories in 2016. But they weren't the only ones... read on!

10. The Final DIM Countdown

By James Matthews

During a discussion about the various iterations of dimensional weight in our presentation at the 2016 PARCEL Forum in Dallas, I made the (ahem… dare I say, "bold") prediction that at some point the carriers will align the domestic and international dim divisors rather than having unique divisors for each. Little did I know that just one week later, FedEx would proclaim that very change in its 2017 rate announcement (mental note – buy a lottery ticket tonight).

9. UPS Rate Hikes a Strong Reminder to Prepare

By Shaun Rothwell

United Parcel Service (UPS) surprised a lot of us in September with an early announcement on 2017 rate increases. Though the teaser was a couple months earlier than expected, it shouldn’t have shocked any of us — we all knew annual rate hikes were coming. Are you nervous? Don’t be — unless you fail to act.

8. How Much Is the FedEx Rate Change REALLY Going to Cost Me?

By David Faour

With each year’s General Rate Increase announcement, shippers inevitably ask, “How much is this really going to cost me?” This year, it got quite a bit harder to answer that question for FedEx shippers.

7. Additional Cost Increases Coming for FedEx Parcel Shippers

By William Cordell

In April, it was reported at FedEx’s Q3 earnings call that beginning June 1, FedEx will be reducing its additional handling package length threshold from 60 inches down to 48 inches on all ground shipments. According to FedEx’s Mike Glenn, this change was made primarily as a way to leverage the costs and labor associated with the growing e-commerce volume.

6. An Analysis of the UPS and FedEx Dimensional Weight Pricing Changes for 2017

By David Faour

Effective January 8, the dimensional divisor will be reduced from 166 to 139 for all packages over one cubic foot, or 1728 cubic inches. Packages below this threshold will continue to be subject to the current dimensional weight factor of 166. Here’s what this means.

5. Is the USPS Still a Good Option for Shippers?

By Shaun Rothwell

That question is a no-brainer. Yes — the USPS is still a great option. As shippers navigate the rate increase and how it affects them, it’s important to allow the smoke to settle by remembering three things about USPS.

4. Op Ed: Bad Blood Between UPS and Amazon?

By Jerry Hempstead

In December of 2013 Amazon was very public that they saw fit to blame UPS for late deliveries to consumers. Recall that the winter of 2013 was brutal and in particular in the Oklahoma/Texas area which unfortunately has a number of UPS hubs. The Amazon story got a lot of traction and there was no letting up even though there is little UPS could have done to mitigate the problems resulting from Mother Nature. So is there some bad blood now?

By Thomas Andersen

Earlier this year, FedEx Corp. announced its plans to decrease the maximum length for the Additional Handling Fee from 60 inches to 48 inches (length of longest side) before the surcharge gets applied. UPS then followed suit; here’s what it meant for shippers.

By Glenn Gooding

UPS announced its rate changes in September, but in November, it announced a few more modifications that could have a big impact on shippers.

By Rob Martinez

Everyone was pretty surprised when FedEx did not follow UPS’s lead with its 2017 rate changes. Here’s a peek at what’s different.

We hope you enjoyed this look back at the most popular articles of 2016! Stay tuned in 2017 as we continue to bring you the latest, greatest, and most in-depth information that the parcel industry needs to succeed. Best wishes for the new year!

--Amanda Armendariz, Editor