In Morgan Stanley's latest survey, which they kindly allow PARCEL to share with our readers, shippers' view of the economy jumped to the highest level seen in the 15-year history of the survey. Expectations increased across all transport modes and end markets, and the highest percentage of shippers plan to increase inventories (six-year history). Specifically, rail, truck and parcel volume and pricing expectations accelerated from FP47. Here are some key findings from the parcel portion:

  • Ground, air, and international volume growth outlooks improve
  • Shippers' expectations for average parcel base rate increases over next six months for air, ground and international reach highest level in years
  • Shippers’ expectations for B2C as a percentage of total parcel shipment remain relatively unchanged;
  • Gap between price and service narrows for switching ground parcel carriers; service overtakes price as more important switching factor for air
  • According to shippers, discounts have increased for FedEX and UPS Air and Ground services since prior survey
Download the PDF to see the full results!

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