FKI Logistex, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, announces the formation of a new global Library Solutions division, underscoring the company's growing commitment to the library market. The company further announced the addition of a team of experienced sales, engineering and technical personnel who will join the division at new facilities in North America and Europe, and the creation of a new Library Solutions development center to focus on automated technology innovation in the library sector.

The success of the FKI Logistex library group is reflected in a number of high-profile contract wins. Projects include prestigious libraries in the US, such as the King County (Seattle), Minneapolis, and San Jose libraries, and European installations at the British, Hamburg, Den Bosch, Malmö City, Kolding, and Odense libraries.

"The formation of the FKI Logistex Library Solutions division and development center marks an exciting new stage in the growth of our business," says Ken Cordes, director, FKI Logistex Library Solutions. "FKI Logistex has quickly become a key player in the library market and has now taken a big step toward the future development of library automation around the world."

"The FKI Logistex library development center provides a new bridge between product application and product design," adds Cordes. "By working closely with our library partners throughout the design and development of new technologies, FKI Logistex will continue to play a major role in the future of the growing world library automation market."

"Faced with having to handle, sort, track and store vast numbers of items every day, libraries demand a highly specialized approach," continues Cordes. "When it comes to automating the complex and time-consuming process of library material handling, FKI Logistex builds solutions that are cost-effective and simple-to-use while maintaining the highest possible design, reliability and engineering standards."

FKI Logistex library material handling solutions can benefit all libraries, regardless of size, lending and stock volumes, or media types. From university, research and public libraries to private collections, FKI Logistex library systems automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks that enable library personnel to instead devote more time and energy to help library patrons.

The comprehensive range of FKI Logistex library material handling and security capabilities includes automated check-in and checkout units, custom material sorting systems, conveyor and conveyor lift systems, inter-library tote-handling and buffer systems, hold-and-reserve storage-and-retrieval systems, ergonomic transport devices, scanning technology, and complete barcode and RFID solutions.

About FKI Logistex
FKI Logistex ( is a leading global provider of automated material handling solutions, supplying its customers with an integrated set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order fulfillment systems, RFID implementation, EDS integration, baggage handling systems, warehouse control systems, and total material handling automation.

FKI Logistex provides material handling solutions for airports, postal facilities, parcel distribution, manufacturing operations, library automation, and for warehouse and distribution facilities. With projects that include many of the world's largest and most advanced material handling operations, FKI Logistex has manufacturing, engineering and support facilities around the world. For general sales information, contact FKI Logistex by phone at +1.877.935.4564 in North America, +44 (0) 870 350 3055 in Europe, or +86 21 52372255 in Asia. Contact FKI Logistex by e-mail at