April 29 2008 03:05 PM

Welcome to the special spring issue of PARCEL. This, the U.S. Postal Service sponsored issue, is dedicated to the products and services of the Postal Service and its business partners. Our sponsored issues offer a great vehicle for major parcel industry providers and their business partners to showcase many of the products and services they offer our industry.


Now that the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act is law and its allowances are being implemented, we are seeing the USPS respond with new service offerings and, for the first time ever, volume package discount and other price incentives. For example, Express Mail is switching to a zone-based pricing system, resulting in lower prices for closer destinations. Shippers can receive a three percent discount by purchasing Express Mail online or through corporate accounts and up to seven percent discounts for quarterly volume minimums. Priority Mail has an average 3.5% savings using electronic postage. Parcel Select will include pricing and volume incentives for large volume shippers. Parcel Return Service shifts to a weight-based pricing system, resulting in savings for lighter packages.


Ive said many times that parcels are the key to the future of a stable and affordable universal postal service. Ill say it again. Without a viable position in the parcel delivery sector of our national economy, the USPS will find it extremely difficult to maintain an affordable universal service model. For the future of the USPS, its parcels, parcels, parcels.


Im very impressed with the Postal Services Package Division. Over the past several years, it has stepped up and responded in making the Postal Service a real parcel carrier competitor in the parcel industry.  Today, the Postal Service is a real option when selecting a parcel carrier.  There was a time (not too many years back) when I would not have said that. I feel very confident that we have just seen the beginning we should look for a lot more USPS innovations soon.


Speaking of innovations you have to check out our new digital magazine versions online at
www.PARCELindustry.com. The digital versions are really great. They offer us the opportunity to add a lot of real valuable components to our magazine. (Check out the PARCEL Forum ad on page 51 and watch the swimming fish neat stuff.)  Look for many of these value-added features as we move forward with our digital issues.


And, speaking of the PARCEL Forum, be sure to make plans now to join us at PARCEL Forum 08 Stay Ahead of the Package, October 6-8, at the Hyatt Regency OHare, Chicago. That show leads the way on innovation. Forum 07 was great; this will be even better.  Hope to see you there.


And, as always, thanks for reading PARCEL.