We recently ran a heads-up piece on our website (www.PARCELindustry.com) focusing on the possibility of Deutsche Post downsizing or eliminating its DHL Americas division. The story basically announced that several leading financial analyst firms had advised DHLs parent company, Deutsche Post, that in order to bolster its stock, they needed to make some fairly drastic cuts to the losses being suffered by DHL Americas. The article also provided some historical information, gave several possible scenarios and provided alerts on what this could mean to US shippers.


We sent an email announcement on the subject to those of you who have signed up for our electronic newsletter. To say that the piece got an immediate (and passionate) response would be a bit of an understatement. Our website, the blog, my email and my phone lit up and stayed lit up for the rest of the week.


So, what were the lessons we (I) garnered from the response to this story? One, youre listening! The instantaneous, tremendous (and informed) response was really gratifying. Two, our communication methods have changed. Im an old print guy I love my information in print. I still like to grab a hard copy document and take a long look. But, Ive become a convert to the power of the Internet and to instant electronic communication. Had we gathered the news covered in this article just a few years back, we would have had to wait many weeks to develop it, get it in print and distribute it. It would have lost its news value and its heads-up value.


Now Im realizing we have the best of several worlds. The print edition is still very viable. It gives us the ability to go in-depth on subjects that affect shippers for example, having Joe Loughrans Annual Rate Analysis as a desktop item. It gives our readers the luxury (and convenience) of taking these in-depth articles where they best have the time to view them.


And we have many electronic communication methods: With this issue, we introduce our digital version of PARCEL (you have to check it out at PARCELindustry.com). The digital version gives you the option of receiving the print issue in an electronic format saves a bit of paper and you can bookmark, email an article and link directly to websites mentioned in articles and ads. We have also just completed our first webcast with Jim Cochrane of the USPS on The New Law and How It Will Affect the Package Market. (At press time we had over 800 registered to attend the webcast.) We also have our website, e-newsletters and email news blasts.


But sometimes I know we all have the need to walk away from our computers, put down the printed word and actually talk face-to-face with our peers face-to-face. And we offer that ability as well with the PARCEL Forum (www.PARCELforum.com).


All in all, we have developed a multi-media approach to get you information any way you want. What we need to be assured of is that you are receiving news and technology developments, in whatever format best suits you. If you have not yet subscribed to our e media, please go to our website today and sign up for our e-newsletter or renew your subscription.  As always, thanks for reading Parcel.