Welcome to our new B2C Express publication. We at RB Publishing started nearly 20 years ago with a trade journal aimed at a shipping and mailing industry sorely in need of information. The book was called Mailing and Shipping Technology. We soon realized that the major segments of the shipping and mailing industry (printing, mailing and shipping) each needed a dedicated publication, so we rolled off our original book into Document for the print industry, Mailing Systems Technology for the mailing industry and Parcel Shipping & Distribution dedicated to the parcel industry. The result has been three very successful publications serving each industry.

 We now recognize that the parcel industry has grown tremendously. With the technological business and production innovations, the growth of business in general and the growth and development of the World Wide Web in our society, parcel shipping has evolved into an industry needing publications dedicated to the different segments of parcel shipping large-volume parcel shipping and small/mid-volume parcel shipping. Although there are still many common issues that affect the industry regardless of volume, the industry has developed to the point of needing more segmented information.

 So, its time for us to add to our repertoire, and here it is the inaugural issue of B2C Express, which is aimed at the small- and mid-volume parcel shippers. It is intended for companies and individuals who do business via the World Wide Web and through catalog sales.

 We intend to provide our B2C Express readers with the information they need to compete in the rapidly growing and ever increasingly competitive Web-based parcel arena. There is no question that Web-based business is growing and that it will not only continue to grow, but grow at an ever-increasing pace. Those in the Web-based parcel shipping business will need information to compete and that information will be found in B2C Express.

 B2C Express is not only a print-based publication. We at RB Publishing realize that our readers want choices. Some want traditional paper-based trade information, some want Web-based trade information and some want both. So both is what well provide. Along with this print version, B2C Express will be available shortly in a Web-based version.  B2C Express will also offer information via e-mails, e-newsletters, Web broadcasts, Webinars and regional seminars whatever methods we can to best get the message to you.

 As part of this inaugural issue, we feature the results of the transportation portion of our annual Best Practices Survey.  One of the interesting findings of our survey and confirmation we are on the right track with B2C Express is that our PARCEL Shipping & Distribution readers deliver 27% of their parcels to domestic residential/consumer addresses. That jump from last years figure of 22% to this years 27% domestic consumer volume coincides with ever-increasing Internet sales. And thats surveying traditional parcel operations it will be very interesting to see the results when the B2C Express audience weighs in.

 Welcome to B2C Express. Let us know what you think. And thanks for reading B2C Express.