Sept. 23 2014
For many US companies, manufacturing products in Asia is the most cost-effective method. Goods manufactured in China, Indonesia, Vietnam and elsewhere are imported in ocean containers. These goods are... View More
Sept. 21 2014
If you are a US shipper, you probably have at least some shipments to Canada, and you already know that those Canadian shipments can be a lot more expensive than your US domestic shipments. Here are some... View More
April 15 2014
Recently I had a customer contact me regarding increased “duties” that his sales manager reported the company was going to face when shipping into a European country. After further review it... View More
March 23 2014
In the previous issue, we discussed the possibility of “reshoring” manufacturing from China to Mexico. In this article, we will look at the information needed with regard to imports to Mexico,... View More
Jan. 2 2014
Last month I met a marketing manager of a company specializing in equipment for water management. She commented that many US companies are “reshoring” because they have found that some Chinese... View More
Sept. 24 2013
Are you getting calls for international orders from your Internet site? Is your sales team starting to move toward worldwide distribution? This article summarizes some of the steps any company can take... View More
July 17 2013
Recently I have worked with four different companies that had a shipping team that was experienced at getting shipments out the door or in the door, and perhaps some compliance basics, but did not have... View More
June 20 2013
The Obama administration set a goal in 2010 to make export compliance simpler by combining agencies and reducing the number of controlled items over the next several years. Currently, the US departments... View More
March 20 2013
In September 2012, the United States Postal Service (USPS) made changes in its export forms requirements so that they are more in compliance with US export compliance regulations. Perhaps it is time to... View More
Feb. 12 2013
In two previous articles titled "Getting Started With Exports to Canada," published in PARCEL in August 2011 and "Getting Started Exporting Part 2" published in October 2012, I dealt with a number of details... View More
Dec. 5 2012
US export rules and the small package shipper By Tom Stanton Small package shippers exporting non-controlled or non-licensable commodities from the United States that are nevertheless classified... View More
Oct. 14 2012
In last year's November-December edition, we presented a case study of exporting some fruit juices to Canada. At the close of that article, we promised to go a little deeper in a future issue. In this... View More
Aug. 7 2012
Over the last few months, we have encountered several questions that we think might be of interest to all exporters and importers, including Incoterms and marking issues. Incoterms: Information... View More
May 23 2012
Classifying goods for export or import can be a challenge. In the following article, we will discuss some details about classifying products using the Commodity Control List and the Harmonized System.... View More
April 10 2012
When it comes to global parcel and freight forwarding agreements, caution should be the rule of the day. Why? Because these agreements can often contain difficult to interpret terms or condition, which... View More
Feb. 8 2012
In my last article on exporting, I said I would go into some more depth this time. I recently began working on a harmonized system database classification project for a client, and I thought it might be... View More
Dec. 9 2011
In previous issues, we have talked about exports with several different emphases. This issue, we are going to put these ideas into the perspective of a new exporter/shipper just getting started. In this... View More
Aug. 19 2011
The bottom line for an importer in Canada is, what will your product cost be – the total “landed cost”? You know what your product sells for in the US and the margin you would like to... View More
Feb. 2 2011
Most companies do a good job at arranging for exports of their main products to a foreign country, but they often experience problems with sales incentives and promotional items. Here is what happened... View More
Dec. 10 2010
Many small package shippers are knowledgeable about domestic and international shipping, but some US companies have never ventured into the international export market. Since President Obama is setting... View More