HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The last year has not been kind to the global transportation business. Demand
has skidded with the global economy. Yet one year after launch, Crane Worldwide has staked its claim as a
growing and successful new player in the industry.

The Houston-based company, which provides a variety of shipping and logistical services, is on track to meet its
original milestone of achieving $1 billion in revenue and 4,000 employees at the company’s 5-to-7-year mark.
In the year since its founding, Crane Worldwide has established 47 offices in 17 countries, grown to 500
employees and created a client base of dozens of leading global corporations in industries from aerospace to

Because so many of its potential clients are under pressure to optimize supply chain economics right now, new
ideas from proven performers are a welcome sight.

This environment, paired with the management team’s credibility, has earned annual growth in the 45 percent
range. The company, whose global headquarters is in an over 130,000-square-foot facility near Houston’s
George Bush Intercontinental Airport, recently purchased 20 acres to allow for future local growth.

“It’s a unique time,” says Crane Worldwide President John Magee. “Manufacturers and logistics managers are
really feeling the pressure. It’s difficult watching mass layoffs and slashed budgets across our customer base,
because many times these are people we’ve known for decades and they’re hurting now. But the global
slowdown has been good for Crane Worldwide’s growth. People are open to new ideas and partnerships. Five
years ago, reinventing their supply chain wasn’t a priority. But with the downturn they have to get creative, and
we’re able to help.”

AirTran Airways is among Crane Worldwide’s recent client acquisitions. “We just started a cost savings initiative
to better execute our supply chain,” notes Kurt Brulisauer, AirTran’s Director of Customer Service. “Crane
Worldwide secured our business because of its cost model, leadership and industry experience--but most
importantly its flexibility. This new partnership has eliminated a non-core business for us and will give us the
technology and experience we need. We want to keep innovating operations in this environment.”

Vice President - Sales Tim Zubradt cites innovation and strategic relationships as other key success factors.
“Enterprises need fresh ways to improve value and execute now more than ever. And they need to know that
you’re accountable, both as an organization and as individuals.”

Jeff Robles is a Sr. Sourcing Manager at ATK, a premier aerospace and defense company with more than
18,000 employees. He says Crane Worldwide has helped his business focus on the big picture: “It is hard to find
excellence, but when you do, you know you have found something extraordinary. Crane Worldwide is setting the
standard in Freight Forwarding. ATK’s experience with Crane Worldwide has been nothing short of excellent.
Their transportation awareness affords us the opportunity to bypass issues and concentrate on effective
delivery. ATK is privileged to work with Crane Worldwide as our premier Freight Forwarder.”

Crane Worldwide was founded by former employees of Houston-based Eagle Global Logistics (EGL, Inc), which
was purchased for $2B by Europe’s CEVA Logistics in 2007.

About Crane Worldwide
Crane Worldwide is a single-source provider of global transportation and logistics services. Through inventive
client partnerships, the company adapts a range of services to help companies streamline processes, maximize
efficiencies and better achieve market leadership.