January 18, 2011 – JERICHO, NY – Purolator USA, a leading provider of U.S./Canada logistics services, is helping businesses achieve maximum efficiencies in their supply chains, by offering customized logistics solutions and flexibility in meeting each business’ unique needs.

Purolator’s approach, which works with businesses to develop the supply chain they need. Tightened capacity within the industry could affect a business’ ability to lock-in a carrier that can meet its needs, possibly forcing it into higher-priced and ill-suited logistics plans.

“Purolator stands apart in the logistics industry because of our ability to work one-on-one with each customer to tailor a logistics plan that meets that customer’s particular needs,” said Purolator USA Director of Sales John Jensen. “Our expertise is in bringing shipments to and from the Canadian market. Because of our resources and know-how, we are able to offer greater efficiency and flexibility than a carrier that does not specialize in U.S./Canada service.”

For example, Purolator maintains an unmatched distribution network throughout Canada, which allows for flexibility in offering various delivery options. Those options range from priority service levels for time sensitive or high value shipments, to standard service options for less urgent shipments. Purolator allows a business to select the service level – and price point – that meet its specific needs.

In addition, Purolator offers an array of timesaving and efficiency-maximizing service options including shipment consolidation, distribution center bypass and returns management.

“At a time when businesses are watching every penny, we are pleased to work with each of our customers to develop logistics solutions that offer guaranteed on-time delivery and maximum efficiency,” Jensen said. “A business should pay for the delivery level they need vs. what a carrier would prefer to sell them”.

To lean more about Purolator’s service options, please visit www.purolatorusa.com.  

About Purolator USA 

Purolator USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of Purolator Courier Ltd, Canada’s largest overnight courier company. Purolator USA specializes in the air and surface forwarding of small packages and freight shipments, customs brokerage and delivery to, from and within the North American market.
In addition to numerous facilities throughout New York, Purolator USA has locations in key markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham and Toronto. 
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