London, 3rd October 2011 – Leading logistics company SBS Worldwide has signed a new partnership with Gopsons, one of India’s largest integrated print houses, designed to deliver more effective and comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions to publishers.

The agreement will optimise the way that publishers produce and distribute books across the globe and provide them with more streamlined and consolidated supply chains. The benefits to publishers include cost reductions on printing and freight forwarding, accelerated times to market, condensed inventories and better visibility of international consignments.

As part of the collaboration, publishers will be able to sign up to the Forward Print Program, a new service which will allow them to schedule manufacturing during low demand periods, store books at port-centric warehouses for global distribution and view inventory levels in real time. This program is designed to make significant savings on the cost of production and distribution. 

In addition, customers will have access to SBS’s enterprise supply chain system, Electronic Distribution Centre (eDC). eDC gives everyone in the supply chain process – operations, production, logistics, accounts and field sales teams – access to the information they need in real time, telling them where books are, when delivery can be expected, from order placement, through print and onto final delivery as ISBN level.

Steve Walker, Chairman at SBS Worldwide, commented: “We wanted to team up with a leader in the field of print services in India and selecting Gopsons was a no brainer, due to the company’s heritage and reputation, both locally and internationally. This partnership will provide publishers with a unique all-in-one supply chain package that will dramatically change the way they do business, add value and help to cut costs.”

Vasant Goel at Gopsons, said: “With publishers’ supply chains growing in complexity by the day, it is important that they can keep control of costs, manage their processes and have maximum visibility at all times. We are extremely excited about this partnership with SBS, who are enjoying substantial growth in the publishing sector. Although the deal promises to be mutually beneficial for both parties, undoubtedly it is the publishers who will stand to profit the most from this, at every level in the enterprise and in every possible way. ”