WASHINGTON, D.C. , June 5, 2013– Today, the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association joined dozens of other industry associations in the support of independent contractors by adding its voice to the It’s My Business Coalition. The Coalition’s goal is to emphasize the critical role independent contractors play in the economy. 

The announcement of the Coalition’s kickoff was made by former Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D-AR) who is serving as its National Chair. Senator Lincoln served on the Senate Finance Committee while in the United States Senate and is very familiar with the Section 530 Safe Harbor and other provisions that govern the role of independent contractors. 

The Coalition will launch a national campaign to communicate the positive role that independent contractors play in today’s economy. “The CLDA has joined this effort because our members see independent contractors as a key part of our ability to deliver the goods and services that fuel the economy,” says Rob Johnstone, President, CLDA. “Our members offer same-day delivery wherever and whenever a customer needs it. Independent contract drivers give our industry the ability to provide flexible scheduling and to ensure that a courier will always be available at any time to meet customers’ needs. Independent contractors and those they work for provide valuable services with an ability to respond to changing customer demands. Their entrepreneurial spirit should be welcomed and encouraged by policy makers in Washington and around the country. Increasingly, though, we are seeing policies put in place that make it harder for businesses to utilize their services. These threats to this model impact the ability of these small business people to work, support their families and pay taxes. These policies also threaten the very heart of the supply chain to keep up with the escalating needs of commerce. All of us involved in this system want to work together to meets the needs of the marketplace and continue to fuel the US economy. We see this coalition as a way to deliver that message.” 

CLDA joins other members of It’s My Business including dozens of independent contractors and their customers across numerous industries, including financial services, real estate, transportation, medical and health services and insurance, among other fields. A list of Coalition members may be found on the coalition website, www.itsmybusiness.com. 

The coalition website, www.itsmybusiness.com, also has additional information, including:

• Fact sheet about independent contractors and their role in the economy.
• Fact sheet about the taxes paid by independent contractors.
• Fact sheet about independent contractors’ job satisfaction.
• Fact sheet about the contributions of independent contractors to job creation.

"We see the Coalition as one more pro-business, pro-growth effort that helps all of us in the private sector continue contributing to the nation's economy and we are pleased to be part of this effort," concludes Johnstone.

For more information, see www.itsmybusiness.com or www.theclda.com

About the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association
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