(November 17, 2014) Middletown, CT - FreeShipping.com reports that its recently enhanced 10% cash-back benefit is powering significant increases in its members’ purchase activities, including double-digit percentage gains in purchase and average order values.

Since July 16, 2014, when FreeShipping.com doubled its cash-back payout to 10%, members who clicked through FreeShipping.com to participating retailers’ sites completed orders with those retailers 45% more often than they did at the lower cash-back level.

Just as significantly, average order values have increased 11% since the updated benefit went into effect, and the average number of orders per day has grown a remarkable 65%. These results provide further proof that FreeShipping.com’s member base is comprised of exactly the savvy, active, purchase-ready consumers that retailers value most.

“These results are exciting but not surprising. We’ve always known we send buyers not browsers to the retailers in our network, and the 10% cash back amplifies that,” said Tom Caporaso, the CEO of Clarus Marketing, which owns and operates FreeShipping.com. “Through our commitment to comprehensive testing, ongoing data analysis, and learning from member feedback, we’re continually improving FreeShipping.com and giving our members the savings they want and need and driving the type of customers retailers crave.”

“With holiday shopping well underway, members know they can consistently earn 10% cash back while finding the best deals with our cutting-edge price comparison tool. Our member base will no doubt continue to take advantage of their easy access to a wide range of savings opportunities this holiday season — and continue to drive remarkable growth in sales conversions, AOV, and purchase frequency to our retail partners.”
In addition to 10% cash back and coupon savings at over 1,000 top online retailers, FreeShipping.com has the largest database of free shipping offers, return
shipping coverage and a 90-day low-price guarantee.

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