Costa Mesa, CA (PRWEB) – Lojistic, an innovative provider of transportation cost reduction services and software, is excited to announce its new instant parcel audit web tool. This free UPS and FedEx audit tool, along with the entire suite of Lojistic services, reflects the company’s commitment to providing effective and useful resources for companies to manage transportation costs.

Audisee represents a noteworthy step forward in the parcel audit industry. This FedEx and UPS audit tool enables any shipper to instantly audit their bills, free of charge. Audisee checks each invoice for all of the most common carrier invoice errors. Users of the parcel audit tool are immediately presented all the refund opportunities that have been identified. The whole process takes about 40 seconds.

“As things get tougher and more costly for shippers to do business, we keep trying to dream up new ways to help,” said Luke Kupersmith, CEO and President of Lojistic. “Although Lojistic does have a full service parcel audit among our list of ‘paid’ solutions, we figured some people would appreciate a free resource that they could use on their own.”

“I hope a ton of companies get great utility, and savings, from Audisee. Personally, I’m excited about the future plans we have to make this tool even more robust and that we will continue to give it away,” added Mike Wright, Senior Code Master at Lojistic.

About Lojistic:

Lojistic provides innovative shipping solutions to businesses with high shipping volumes. Since 2005 Lojistic has been helping companies to reduce transportation costs and streamline the logistics process. Their team of industry experts and innovative software technologies deliver maximum small parcel and freight cost savings for clients all over the country.