DA Systems, the market leader in the provision of mission critical sameday courier software, announces the launch of Express.

Express is a complete solution for sameday courier businesses, which is available as a fully hosted, cloud based Saas (software as a service). Entirely web based, it provides independent couriers with the freedom to run their businesses from anywhere, with real-time access to a single, centralised and integrated platform to control every aspect of their operations via any connected device.

Express ensures couriers can meet and exceed the ever increasing demands of today's business and end user customers, providing real-time job pricing and scheduling, delivery route planning, real-time parcel tracking and proof of delivery notifications. As a cloud based solution, no upfront investment is required and the system has been priced to be accessible and cost effective for even the smallest courier firms.

To demonstrate goodwill and support couriers affected by the City Link collapse, DA Systems is offering anyone presenting evidence of their former employment with City Link the chance to use Express completely free of charge, for 2 months.

"ACI Express is an extremely cost effective solution that has enabled us to be more productive and effective across our entire operation," says Paul Woods, Managing Director of Proactive Despatch and an Express customer.

"It is possible to run a small courier business without using any specialist software but given the level of customer expectations and intense competition for contracts, it is not sustainable in the long term. Express is very cost effective and couriers will see a rapid return on their investment by being able to operate more efficiently and profitably," says David Upton, CEO at DA Systems.

Latest estimates suggest the courier market is now worth £7bn annually, which can be well served by entrepreneurial independent couriers. This means it is currently one of the most buoyant times ever to develop an independent same day courier business, once equipped with the right technology to support efficient operational management support and long term business growth.

Express offers the following useful features and benefits to users:

Customers: With Express every consignment is fully tracked, leading to a huge improvement in customer satisfaction.

Despatching: With Express controllers have a dedicated platform from which to manage drivers and destinations, so that everyone is used efficiently, which saves time and in the sameday courier business, means saving money.

Drivers: With Express sameday courier software loaded onto a drivers smartphone (Android, iOS and Windows Phone), all couriers have full visibility at a glance where they are heading and if there is another pick-up pending.

Administration: Administration staff in your office have access to a single, centralised and integrated system. As a cloud based solution means there is no need for upfront investment or IT running costs. The software is fully hosted and managed by us, giving you access to the latest technology without the big outlay.

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