In our instant-everything world, customers want orders ASAP and at the lowest cost possible. This is becoming increasingly harder to do as parcel growth is expected to continue rising 17 to 28 percent each year through 2021. To make matters worse, the dwindling warehouse labor force is facing major skill shortages and an aging workforce.

    As companies search for solutions to overcome the labor crisis, parcel packaging is one of the fulfillment processes that continually gets overlooked. However, in reality, this step can be the most manual and labor-intensive part of the formula. To stay competitive, companies must investigate parcel packaging solutions that lead to higher overall cost savings and better efficiencies.

    Increase Efficiencies with Automated Packaging Solutions

    The CVP Automated Packaging Solution by ProShip, Inc., is an in-line autopacker that optimizes all steps of package fulfillment. The solution creates a fit-to-size corrugate box by measuring, constructing, taping, weighing and labeling each single or multi-item order every seven seconds. The CVP also only uses one operator and reduces or eliminates void fill materials to save on labor and material costs.

    Combat the Labor Crisis

    The CVP is engineered and proven to alleviate the labor-intensive packaging process. This system saves an average of 88 percent in labor costs and eliminates eight to 15 packing stations. Workflows continue to run smoothly and minimize labor needs, especially during peak production periods. The CVP ultimately allows companies to run a leaner packaging process while supporting shipping demand 24/7.

    “Automation is crucial to our company as we work with short delivery times. And we have a lot of customers, about 35,000, who we serve with just 26 employees,” said Richard Rensen, owner of The Label Collective Group. “The CVP allows us to pack parcels much faster.”

    Reduce Shipping Costs to Save Thousands

    The CVP handles a diverse product mix and reduces the dimensions of every order by building the minimum-sized box required, saving an average of 29 percent in corrugate material.

    “Packaging is more efficient and cheaper. We don’t need any filler materials to protect the product,” said Rensen. “And as the CVP packs much tighter around the product, we have less damage.”

    Additionally, if shipping costs are DIM weight dependent, this innovative technology saves an average of 45 percent in shipping costs. This allows the per unit parcel cost to be significantly lower.

    Now is the Time to Automate Your Manual Order Packaging Process

    Parcel packaging is logistically critical, especially with parcel growth on the rise. Not only does it deliver orders safely, but it also impacts the customer experience. With shrinking warehouse labor, success is directly related to fulfilling orders in a timely, cost-effective manner while creating better efficiencies throughout the warehouse.

    The CVP can transform order packaging in to a profit center, ensuring all steps of the fulfillment process are optimized.

    It’s your turn to expand your business with the CVP. Contact us now for more information about the CVP and its ROI opportunities to see how ProShip’s solution can save your business on labor, shipping and corrugate costs.